Just shoot me...

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Just shoot me...

Post by LizzyBorden »

The Warriors and The Rogues face off on the sand. Luther fires his gun at Swan, with Cowboy and Rembrandt standing directly behind him, Swan moves to his right, throwing his switchblade into Luther's forearm. :lol: At the same time Luther fires his gun [Swan has moved]...but Cowboy and Rembrandt have not. They are in the line of fire, so the odds are pretty good one of them would of been shot.
Just a comment: The Rogues look really gay...[sing it w/ me] Y.M.C.A......... :lol:

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Just shoot me...

Post by Love me! LOVE DOPEFISH! »

Yeah, I noticed that earlier today, watching The Warriors at a friend's house. It kinda bugged me too.
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Just shoot me...

Post by Hippy »

I noticed this a While back too. nobody moved.
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Just shoot me...

Post by I SHOT CYRUS »

noticed it a while ago, but mabye cowboy got shot and didnt even feel it cause hes so tough and dosnt get japped the whole movie :lol: :lol: :lol: :p :p :p

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Just shoot me...

Post by GonzoNYC »

Maybe the bullet went through Cowboy's hat. :D

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Just shoot me...

Post by warriorchick »

that scene always bothered me. they were right in the line of fire, the gun goes off and they never even flinch! although, i always forget how silly that part is, when swan pulls the knife out and wipes it off with luther's hair. i think that was a really cool move! but then the 'harlem hockey team' shows up, and it goes back to being silly! i think that the last scene would have been better if those two flaws were fixed. 8)

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Just shoot me...

Post by Tantive7 »

[size=18px]The Final Showdown!!!!![/size]

The Part where Swan confronts Luther,and throws the switchblade at him,
Is a sign of
[size=18px]CONFIDENCE AND NO FEAR...[/size]
He Was determined and sure that he had the upper hand..
Now imagine yourself in that same position,and after the the night of HELL,you and your friends,went through,with an entire city,after you,Did you think,that for two seconds,he was afraid to fight?
[size=18px]HELL NO!!! HE'S A WARRIOR!![/size]
He was in a mindset to Fight!!!!!

And that is why,that Coward Luther is crying like a B****

"Warriors Knowledge 101" Today's lesson is,
With a little bit of confidence,you can overcome anything..ANYTHING!!!

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Just shoot me...

Post by Ranchgal »

Cowboy may have been standing fast, but Rembrant looks like he is ducking to me! even in the picture posted above.

Well it seems to me, though I may have to go watch it again--that when Luther shoots Cyrus--he is using two hands to aim and shoot.
but doesn't he try to shoot Swan with only one??
IF he is only putting one hand on that pistol, chances are excellent he couldn't hit the broad side of a barn from the inside !!
doing it like the movies takes LOTS of practice, May explain why he couldn't hit Fox either when he moved even slightly.
With the kick of the pistol probably heading the shot upwards--he wouldn't have hit anyone at eye range. but that is just MY own thoughts on it.

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Just shoot me...

Post by back2coney »

yeah I think the boys are way to hard to move and just got lucky, their tough stance paid off this time :o
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Just shoot me...

Post by Coney Island Baby »

Who knows? Maybe the next time Rembrandt washed his afro, he found a bullet in it. :)

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Just shoot me...

Post by Ranchgal »

LOL :lol: :lol:

Good visual there!! :shock: :lol:

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Just shoot me...

Post by The Rogue »

ya i always realized that they didnt get hit or for that matter jump in instingct ( or however you spell that). also i find that swan didnt dodge the bullet quick enought.

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Just shoot me...

Post by its_all_our_turf »

Remember that similar scene in Pulp Fiction. It was divine intervention. God came down from Heaven and stopped the bullet. To survive that night, the Warriors must have had God on their side.

Of course, as was stated earlier, it's certainly possible that Cowboy is just so baaaad that the bullet does no damage.
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Just shoot me...

Post by Rem »

You can see Snow (atleast I think it's Snow, can't remember) flinch when the gun fires.

And I thought the Rogues had the coolest outfits (and emblems) minus the hats, but then I realized that each of those hats had a little air force wings-type clip on it. Didn't make it seem so bad.

But if I were in the set I'd opt to not wear it, headwear can get in the way in a fight, especially if it's loose fitting like their hats.

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Re: Just shoot me...

Post by MrVess »

Speaking of "looking gay", it's an interesting choice to use that photo above, with its image of a half-naked, oiled Swan carrying a look of fresh satisfaction on his face, and a kneeling Luther who appears to be wiping his lips...

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