February 9,1979

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Re: February 9,1979

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30 years since the best movie was ever made - I feel good today.  8)

And let's give a big shout out to this forum for bringing all us together - some really great posts out there - some insightful ones that make me look at certain movie scenes in a different way, and of course its nice to hear everyone's enthusiasm for the movie.

Happy 30th - and as David Patrick Kelly said - "Warriors Forever!!"
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Re: February 9,1979

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happy birthday to my favorite film!
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Re: February 9,1979

Post by LIER ONE »

Happy Anniversary!!!!! Wow, 30 years ago today. For a film that wasn't supposed to stand we are still going strong today!!!
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Re: February 9,1979

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Man I almost forgot this. New it was 30 years of course but forgot the 9th.

Happy Birthday to "The Warriors" and many more to come. :D
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Re: February 9,1979

Post by canyoucount »

Riff wrote:
30 Years today!!

I wonder if there will be showings of the film at movie theatres anywhere, would love to see the film on the big screen.

or on FOX or something. Doubt it, but, hey, couldn't hurt!

YEAH, RIGHT!!![/b]
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