David Shaber

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David Shaber

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It is with regret that I inform you that I have had an unconfirmed report that David Shaber, who wrote the screenplay for The Warriors, and who was helping write the screenplay for the 2010 movie The Warriors, has passed away. Please find this statement from his daughter on Amazon (thanks to James Lada for making me aware of this).

I'm David Shaber's daughter, Sam, (Samantha.) My father wrote the screenplay for The Warriors, and I'm hoping this "review" gets printed because he just passed away on Thursday morning, November 4th, of a sudden burst anneurism. With so many "Warriors" fans out there, I thought you would want to know. I'm incredibly warmed by these wonderful comments about this film and I know that if he read them (although he had barely learned how to search the internet before he died) he would chuckle in his lighthearted way and say something like "Oh, well isn't that nice," all-the-while refusing to take credit for any of it. But I know he deserved that credit, having taken a dark, psychological study of gang warfare and infusing it with a classic but clever and topical, good vs. evil story. (And maybe I shouldn't admit it, but my dad didn't really like the baseball face-paint idea which I believe was one of Walter Hill's additions - he thought that was too unrealistic and "Hollywood"...) Anyway, I do hope the movie is re-issued with the extra scenes at some point, and for those real "followers" I just discovered that you can find a complete list of his produced titles on the Internet Movie Database (IMDb.com) if you want to check it out. The Warriors is indeed an AFFECTING picture, whether you love it or hate it. So thanks for your comments and take care, -Sam.

I would like to pass my condolances on to Sam and the rest of her family, along with those from all the fans of the movie.
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Re: David Shaber

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I read this on the main page, sad news.

Who are The Warriors, there must be some word...

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Re: David Shaber

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I just Googled his name, and I found an obituary from the New York Times... published in November of 1999. Did he die ten years ago and we're just not hearing about it until now?

Regardless, I'll agree with Riff: this is sad news indeed. Though maybe he's having a good time drinking beer and sharing stories with Marcelino Sanchez somewhere in another plane of existence. I think I prefer to think of it that way.

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Re: David Shaber

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my condolences go out to his family - rip
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Re: David Shaber

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I would like to give my condolences to his Family and friends, a lose of a great man. R.I.P

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Re: David Shaber

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R.I.P David, we are thinking about you and your family.

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Re: David Shaber

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Sad to see another family member of this great movie goes RIP

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Re: David Shaber

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As has been posted, Shaber has sadly been gone from this world for nearly 10 years.  Not quite sure why all this is coming up now.  The comment from his daughter was posted years ago.

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Re: David Shaber

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This is very sad news. Pray for his family through this time. RIP Dave
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