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Post by Bill »

Hello everyone - Great site!!! I was on the street filming a movie when I ran into Michael Ginsburg. He was the still photographer on the Warriors movie. He told me about this site and said I should check it out. I was the 2nd assistant cameraman on the movie. I also became the Fox double when the production released Tom from the film. I still have my Warriors vest. It was a great project to work on and I still keep in touch with a lot of the people who were attached to the film. It's nice to see that the film still has a following.

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Re: Hi

Post by GrandTheftAaron »

Welcome to the site Bill! That's just amazing that we actually have someone from the movie we all love here on our forums! I hope you will enjoy yourself here. It's a great place to socialize the chat about the Warriors. Will you be attending the film festival in August when all the Warriors meet up and sign autographs?

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Re: Hi

Post by kowolski »

Welcome to the forum.  UUmmm any pics of the vest  ;) or any stories of the filming would be great

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Re: Hi

Post by BaseballFury100 »

Hey Bill, I'd love to see pictures of your vest, What was filming like?

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Re: Hi

Post by canyoucount »

'Sup, Bill?  You're not the first one from the movie to hook up to the forum.  Some time ago, David Patrick Kelly dropped in.  This is cool that cast, crew members, etc. are taking note of our circle.  When I met Vermin and Cochise last year, I told them about this, but I guess we have yet to hear.
But anyway, welcome aboard!
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Re: Hi

Post by Uriah »

Welcome aboard Bill.  Were you a stunt double for Fox?  Can we see you in any random chase scenes or when Fox and the cop wrestle in the subway station?  Like others have requested, pics of your vest would be highly prized here.  Please take a moment to snap a few to share with us.
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