Savage Huns or Mongols?

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Savage Huns or Mongols?

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I pitched this question over on the worldwide facebook page.
Have we got it wrong all these years?
When this site was in it's infancy, someone asked what is the name of the Chinese gang. Another member suggested it was Savage Huns, and that name has stuck ever since.
Now recently resurfaced material points more towards that they are the Mongols. This is the gang that was clearly identified in the 1st part of the script which was filmed and left on the cutting room floor. Going by this picture, they clearly spent time and budget setting up this scene and it matches up with the part of the script in which they have to make their way through rival turf with gang members lining each side of the street.

Due to the popularity of the rockstar game, they will always be referred to as the huns, but I'm thinking that they are indeed the Mongols.
Maybe Bobbie Mannix has some notes on gang logo designs which could back this up?

What's everyone elses thoughts?

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Re: Savage Huns or Mongols?

Post by Scaley »

I think everything that you've stated Ninth makes perfect sense, especially as the Mongols as a race are of Asian/Chinese origin. Perhaps the gang were originally meant to be the Mongols but due to the final cut of the movie may have "morphed" into the Savage Huns.

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Re: Savage Huns or Mongols?

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First of all, that pic is INSANE! Where the F did that come from?! Nice!

That is interesting though. Historically, we know more about the Mongols than the Huns, but I think they are fairly related to each other
racially, culturally and geographically. They are just separated from each other through time.

Also interesting is that 'The Mongols' are a true to life MC, and rival the Hell's Angels in certain territories (at least in the US).

Bad ass pic dude!

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Re: Savage Huns or Mongols?

Post by WildBoy »

Great find! The pic shows The Warriors walking in daytime - maybe that's why it was not used and cut out.

But what a pic - maybe they could have sliced this scene in during the subway ride up to the Bronx, showing them make their way to the conclave.

On another note - the part in the game where they fight the Huns is always fun - all the Chinese restaurants, throwing food and the chickens. And of course firing projectiles at the Huns once you've cleared the last fence near the end.
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