The "far-fetched" Cyrus plan - Luton v Millwall 1985 + ISIS

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The "far-fetched" Cyrus plan - Luton v Millwall 1985 + ISIS

Postby warriorswannabe » Thu Feb 14, 2019 4:51 pm

This often comes up - that the Cyrus plan was so far-fetched (given that The National Guard etc would inevitably be summoned to put down any insurrection if need be) that suspension of disbelief by audience isn't possible, and acceptance of it by the characters isn't really plausible over it either.

Yet who remembers this? Luton v Millwall riot 1985 in English soccer -

The (unarmed) Millwall fans see that they clearly outnumber the (unarmed) police (in Britain of course) and so collectively resolve to chase them away - and they succeed (video of it starts at 1 minute 20 seconds in) - but see how the police then just chase them back again afterwards (the news report is edited and I think what is just seconds on the video was minutes in real life re how long it took for the police to decisively counter after being initially chased away).

So yes the Millwall gang plot inevitably failed, and rather quickly once police quickly summoned re-enforcements and more dogs etc, but see how the (admittedly rather obvious) overall outcome wasn't realised by the Millwall fans up front to start with?

And the same with ISIS - how many naive young Moslems went galavanting off to there (to a rather obvious fate to many) but which somehow they didn't foresee?

i.e. proposing a violent idea to a collective group of (already violent) young men in a mob mentality situation might be accepted as a plan by them - even if obvious inevitable ultimate failure is foreseen by an onlooker.

In fact The Warriors is like that Luton v Millwall thing in that assembled police soon completely disrupt the conclave and were always planning to once they knew of the Cyrus plan.
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