What were your responses to the 3 Warriors who failed?

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What were your responses to the 3 Warriors who failed?

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What were your responses or thoughts etc regarding the fates of the 3 Warriors who didn't make it back to Coney Island? Here is what I thought as each one happened;

Cleon - "There were just too many of those black Fung Fu men for him to fight them all. Maybe he isn't dead though and we'll see him again somehow joining up with the others later."

Fox - "Oh my god! One of them has been hit by a speeding train! Maybe he hid in a small gap between the platform though? No you can't do that since I see now that there is no gap there wide enough. Dead surely after that then. Not a hope of survival. I'd steeled myself for some of them being murdered by other gangs but hadn't considered the possibility of fatal accidents befalling them. Which one of them was that anyway? They just scattered a minute ago. One of the white ones with dark hair - but that fits a few of them."

Ajax - "Oh so obvious! How did he somehow not know that was a policewoman? I'm not even from New York - hell I'm not even from The US - and even I know that lone women don't sit in the parks in that city at night like that."

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