The Warriors Remake Reportedly In Early Development (AGAIN!)

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The Warriors Remake Reportedly In Early Development (AGAIN!)

Post by LIER ONE »

So 40th Anniversary and we got another round of "The Warriors Remake Reportedly In Early Development" ... velopment/

What happened to the HULU TV show?

There is only one way to do this and that is a straight remake set in the 70's NYC. JOKER just re-made 70's NYC for their GOTHAM to get the "TAXI DRIVER FEEL" so it could be done right.

Anyone actually think this will get past the development stage?

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Re: The Warriors Remake Reportedly In Early Development (AGA

Post by warriorswannabe »

I've never met any fans who want a remake - but that is existing fans of course.

I think the simplest idea is to have it occur on a Sunday night just before Xmas (around December 21 etc) so the night is longest.

A short TV season is 13 episodes - so each episode could be in "real time" like High Noon (it is dark for 13 hours or more in NY in December?)

the deserted streets could be explained by a fuel strike by local delivery trucks (so nearly everyone in NY has to drive to New Jersey etc to load up enough fuel for the whole coming week etc)

and the Cyrus plan is for the gangs to attack the emergency fuel supplies of the police across the city, so that each gang can then pick a bank each to rob and therefore easily escape in their cars (using their big shared out supply of fuel which Cyrus looted).

ok yes - a bit like in that old movie Tobruk.

I think that idea hangs together - yes?

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