Least useful Warrior

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Least useful Warrior

Post by its_all_our_turf »

This was touched on in a recent Rembrandt topic, but I thought I would expand it to include all the Warriors. Certainly, as Cleon explains, everyone has a purpose to serve, whether it's to hit everything in sight, provide heavy muscle, or whatever. Perhaps no Warrior is completely useless. But which one is the least useful? Which one brings the least to the table? Who does the least to ensure the Warriors end up back home at the end of the night? Consider:

Pro: as second in command, must be present in case something happens to Cleon; doesn't like to see discarded flowers go to waste.
Con: according to Ajax, not good at finding train stations.

Pro: possesses an encyclopedic knowledge of rival gangs; contrary to general consensus, is indeed the State department type.
Con: gets thrown under trains.

Pro: has the big one.
Con: easily suckered by chicks.

Pro: keeps gang focused on the importance of sticking together.
Con: also easily suckered by chicks.

Pro: heavy muscle; expresses concern over women alone in parks at night.
Con: constant accusations of homosexual tendencies among fellow gang members is bad for morale; according to Swan, never was very smart.

Pro: good with a baseball bat; loyal to Ajax.
Con: none apparent.

Pro: unrivaled talent with spray paint; uncanny awareness of dangerous women.
Con: not much of a fighter.

Pro: helps facilitate Ajax's unquenchable desire to fight.
Con: sleeps holding a baseball bat between his legs.

My vote for least useful Warrior goes to Cleon. His naivety is responsible for the gang, under his leadership, finding themselves in this situation in the first place, in unfamiliar territory, unarmed, and a long way from home. He gets wasted by the Riffs -- or so we assume -- thus abandoning his gang to fend for themselves.
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Least useful Warrior

Post by Brian »

I have to go with Rembrandt. He seems like a pretty cool dude, but honestly, he wasn't even all that great with spraypaint... his "W" kind of sucked.

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Least useful Warrior

Post by skt4477 »

Cowboy is probably the most useless. Rembrandt comes in second place.
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Re: Least useful Warrior

Post by MrVess »

Why, Cleon, of course. He is easily and permanently dispatched within the first ten minutes - ergo, he is absolutely useless throughout the remaining body of the film. :D

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Least useful Warrior

Post by ajax »

GOTTA SAY COWBOY,HE GOT WASTED BY THE FURIES and don't forget rembrandt was only a baby,he was there just to tag the turf but he whacked the guy out in the subway brawl

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Least useful Warrior

Post by Riff »

It's a tie between Rembrandt and Cowboy.

Rembrandt is just wet all the way through the film, he might have hit the punk on Rollerskates in that bathroom brawl, but he spends most the fight sitting on his backside looking terrified!! He did look out Cochise and Vermin when it came to the Lizzies though.

Cowboy is not much of a fighter, but he did hold his own in the bathroom brawl, but as we know was not up to much in the Furies ruck.

So about even I think.

You cant blame Cleon for taking them up to the Bronx, all the gangs were there, and he never knew they were gonna get blamed for the shooting, that was bad luck. He was a bit stupid going up to Cyrus though!!
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Least useful Warrior

Post by night-timer »

Snow has no apparent Cons?

Er, what about the hair-do? It seems he had plenty of Cons as an actor, too - he never worked again after Warriors, although I dunno why.

Least useful Warrior in a fight goes to.... Mercy!
... San Soo or slapshots - take your pick! :-)

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Least useful Warrior

Post by BTW A.K.A the killer household appliance »


pros-great artist(apparently), did point out the chicks were packed.

cons-sat down bawling like a baby when his friends needed him(he watched while a punk beat the crap outta swan),looks pathetic and whines too much.


pros-hes got everybodys back(well he was going to save ajax until snow stopped him,plus he floored the leader punk,and the punk that hit swan near the end of the fight),learns from his mistakes.

cons-got wasted by a baseball furie,yeah that may seem pretty pitiful seeing as the furies are "wimps" as you guys say it, but keep in mind the guy was exausted after running too much,plus have you ever been hit ike that with a lousville slugger? it hurts man! plus he seemed to only fight well when he is packing a bat.

with this in mind i say my favourite character cowboy beats rembradt in usefulness. and thats my two cents ;)

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Least useful Warrior

Post by The Warriors 9 »

All you guys bring up good points but I think they were all useful in there own way and each have there loyal fans. I would'nt change a thing. :D
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Least useful Warrior

Post by Cowboy79 »

I have to say Rembrandt because he isn't much of a fighter.

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Least useful Warrior

Post by Kiro »

I hate it when people say Cowboy is the most useless. I mean c'mon look at the Bathroom Brawl. He made up for the Fury fight in that one. Anyway Cowboy is just a soldier.

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Least useful Warrior

Post by emissary »

Cowboy is not the most useless. I agree that he did some damage in the punks fight. It's just that Furies fight doesn't help his case. That's why Deniro passed on the role. Walter should have let him get some good punches in and get side batted by a second Fury. Perhaps that blue and white waste of a Fury.
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Least useful Warrior

Post by Swanwannabe »

In my opinion, Rembrandt never really did anything except get shanked and punch the guy on the roller skates in the subway bathroom whereas everyone else actually defended themselves

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Least useful Warrior

Post by da-warrior »

id have to say cowboy aswell

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Least useful Warrior

Post by kenyo2u »

rembrant , "the chick cut me " it was a little cut and he dont fight

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