How long have you been fans?

Leave your comments and messages about the 1979 cult movie.
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How long have you been fans?

Post by swan12 »

I was about to watch a movie when i was flickering thru the channels when i saw the warriors movie on. it was at the part with the punks. i started watchin it and there was the fight i was all like this is asome!!! :D When a channel came on it was the warriors game and i was super cool :p
the next i started looking up on this website and i knew sooo much when i watched the movie i knew everypart :D then it came from the game 2 play. my parents thought it was bad but my dad saw the movie when he was young and wanted me 2 like it. but my dad listens 2 my mom and she says no but i asked my parents if i could rent it and they said yes!!!!!
playin the game is alot like the movie. god i luv that game and so in conclusion im here now im 12 and i luv the warriors especially ajax
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How long have you been fans?

Post by Iroquois »

It all started when I first heard about the movie in my favourite magazine's "Greatest Movies You've Never Heard Of" section, where the writer expressed a deep love of the film. Later, I read a book about cult films that wrote favourably about The Warriors. Eventually I rented out the DVD at my local store and watched it. Since then I have watched it eight times in total. This would have all happened in the space of less than a year. I'm currently 15 and 9 months so it's nothing new.
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How long have you been fans?

Post by swarrior »

The first time i saw it was age 17 or so, around 1989. A local tv station that used to be indie & now affiliated with WB used to run older & less popular movies late at night (i.e. "the car", "vanishing piont", 60's biker cult flicks),
so i saw Warriors maybe 3 times or so between 1989 & mid 90's, once 2 years ago on cable, and lately on spike, of course.
Since i bought the director's cut 2 months ago, it hasn't left dvd player.
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How long have you been fans?

Post by ajaxman »

Honestly, no one smirk. I became a fan a month and a half ago. I watched I Love 1979 on Vh1 at the beginning of the year and they talked about the Warriors and that sparked my interest. Then when i found out that they were releasing a game based on the movie I had to watch it. I grabbed a DVD copy of the original and totally fell in love with it. Since then I have gone Warrior crazy. I was always a James Remar fan and never knew he was in this film. But from start to finish this movie was amazing. I'm new to the Warriors world. But I am trying to make up for lost time.
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How long have you been fans?

Post by KillerMime »

I first saw the movie when I was about twelve. It was late night tv, probably some cable channel. I had heard of the movie before, but didn't know what it was about exactly. It had me from the first image. Something about the wonderwheel and that creepy, childlike music got me hooked. And then when the theme music kicked in and they showed the hi hats coming through the turnstile, I remember thinking, "What the hell is this?"

I always loved the baseball furies scene where Ajax launches the guy through the air with the knee strike to the forehead. As a kid, I wondered how the hell they did that.

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How long have you been fans?

Post by rembrandt77 »

My mom and dad loved the movie and when I was 5 (ime 19 now) they let me watch it I absolutely loved it to this day. Even though this is embarrasing to say but I used to get one of my dads dress vests and beat up my stuffed ninja turtals pretending to be a warrior :lol: man I was burnt when I was 5 lol

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