Signed Warriors poster

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Re: Signed Warriors poster

Post by LIER ONE »

Here is a pic of my signed jersey. This is before I got Ajax and Luther. You can see none of the sigs match. Each one of my sigs were obtained by me with pics of the stars signing it to go with it. Sorry but this guy should remove it from eBay as a legit item.


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Re: Signed Warriors poster

Post by Cochese »

Bopper wrote:Pic 1
Of course, what's most amazing about this poster is that he managed to meet so many of the cast at the same time!! ;) At least, I assume so, as all the autographs seem to have been signed with the same Sharpie, HA! I mean, didn't poor Lynne pass in 2003 for a start? Would have loved to have attended this conclave!! :lol:
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Re: Signed Warriors poster

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LIER ONE wrote:T7 I pretty much ripped this apart on this thread: ... 16&t=14090

That the guy still has it on eBay is just wrong.

What a great piece of work Lier One,You went in!!
And I had to post some of my memorabilia just To prove my point
Those signatures on that poster are all fake,do you agree
I love your memorabilia Lier One!! That's The Real Deal!! :D

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