Did you ever notice

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Did you ever notice

Post by BigMike7 »

on the right side of the tombstone that Rembrandt paints the "W"it says THE BEST.
Is that coincidence or does it hearken to the beach scene at the end of the movie where Swan says that?

just wondering.............
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Did you ever notice

Post by Irishfan »

Yeah that, and other things like it, are listed elsewhere on this site. I'd say delebrate. One of those things put in to bring a smile to people's faces when they notice it.
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Re: Did you ever notice

Post by Lion »

Could it be the name of another gang?

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ajax the warrior
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Re: Did you ever notice

Post by ajax the warrior »

I agree with lions i think it is another gangs mark.
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Swan 1979
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Re: Did you ever notice

Post by Swan 1979 »

Well if know this The Warriors was heating some gangs and had to take their vests off straight after filming just in case there were gang members around and I read that the graveyard scene is actually right on a gangs turf and the only reason they could shoot there was because it was fenced so I think that it was a gang.

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Nite Run
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Re: Did you ever notice

Post by Nite Run »

yes this was discussed before, some felt it was a hidden or subliminal message by Walter Hill. It is very hard to observe that scene, you have to have a good eye for it.
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Re: Did you ever notice

Post by doyle »

Well I think that places like that are full of marks because everyone can reach the spot (no fences etc.) and put own sign.

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Re: Did you ever notice

Post by adam88 »

Wow, I never noticed this, who knows.  Sometimes people believe in signs that can predict the outcome of ones fate.  I mean just like how people envision something in a dream that is confusion.  You try to put all the symbols toghether and metaphoricle realize that it means somethings as your proceed further into your life.  At the moment it may not mean anything to you, but further up the road the symbols bcome clear, and all the pieces connect into answers.

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Re: Did you ever notice

Post by emissary »

I think it was just there.  Perhaps it was placed there but I doubt it.
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