would you save AJAX?

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Re: would you save AJAX?

Post by triscender »

you got a better shot at saving private ryan

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Re: would you save AJAX?

Post by RedLipsMarie »


Okay, lemme break this down:

Ajax is a magnificent Warrior. Loyal to his gang, shown through his coming to Cowboy's defense in the Baseball Furies scene; an excellent combatant, very durable and strong; gritty and willing to take on anything without thinking of the repercussions... he makes a perfect Warrior. One of the best in the gang, probably.

But was he a good person? Did he NOT deserve to be arrested?

Hell no. He man handled a woman with the clear intention to rape her, and didn't listen to his fellow gang members when they warned him against it. I said it once, I'll say it again: he brought his fate upon himself. So if I were there, I wouldn't have even tried to bust him out.

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Re: would you save AJAX?

Post by killjoy645 »

he's my favourite character in the movie,but i'd have to stay realistic about this.
as cool and funny as he comes off in the movie,it didn't prevent him from trying to assault and
rape a woman,eventhough he didn't know she whas a cop.so i wouldn't save someone
who treats girls like that.
but i have to say,when she cuffed him,he didn't call her any names,he kept calling her lady,hahaha :lol:

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Re: would you save AJAX?

Post by Ajax*1979 »

Okay to be honest its a brave move what your saying but its not realistic if i remember rightly there was like 4 or 5 cops there and u would get shot before getting there and if you didn't get shot they would of beaten you down like seriously i dont think many people out there could take on 4 cops on there own. Even if them cops didn't have guns it would probably take swan snow and cowboy to bust ajax out of there IF they didn't have guns, but they most likely had guns and they would have no chance and so would you.

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Re: would you save AJAX?

Post by martyn »

You have to try and save him, you need the muscle

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Re: would you save AJAX?

Post by nightarmyWARRIOR »

Snow and Cowboy couldn't save him beacuse there was 4-5 cops out there, so if they still got bats, cops would beat them and arrest them. So the point is - they didn't want to go in jail.

But, there could be other option. Snow and Cowboy could run up to Swan and tell him that they got Ajax, so they could maybe beat up those cops and save Ajax.

But anyway, after the metting, there was police everywhere, looking for gangs... They would call reinforcement.

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