Would the Furies ever be the same?

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Re: Would the Furies ever be the same?

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Their ego would probably be hurt for a little while, but like those vengeful villians on tv, they would train harder to get stronger.
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Re: Would the Furies ever be the same?

Post by stevo2k6 »

"shit i figured they were wimps" hehe

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Re: Would the Furies ever be the same?

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Oh yeah the furies would lose LOTS of fear. Becasue they was mostly one of the feared gangs in new york.
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Re: Would the Furies ever be the same?

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i would have been like yo wdf is goin on we like a alot of us but we got bopped by 4 dudez
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Re: Would the Furies ever be the same?

Post by Cowboy79 »

The Furies would regroup but in the back of their minds they would still have The Warriors fight in their mind and they could of also used that loss to improve themselves even better.

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Re: Would the Furies ever be the same?

Post by emissary »

In that universe, the Furies could dust themselves off and move on to other fights.  You can't apply real world thinking to the situation.  In the real world, they'd be very hurt, possibly dead.  If they thought about their lives and paths with any kind of sense they would get out of the situation they were in.  But in the scope of imagination they would just return to their lair and plot their revenge. 
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Re: Would the Furies ever be the same?

Post by swan12 »

actually i think i would be pretty mad and want revenge. usually when you lose something you always want to get better right i guess thats what the furies should do
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Re: Would the Furies ever be the same?

Post by DesperateDude »

I recently watched the movie and thought about why there were only 9 Furies that faced the Warriors. One of my thoughts is this:
1. Since only 9 delegates from each gang were allowed to attend the conclave, the rest of the Furies had the night off and left town or went to a Mets or Yankees game.
2. There was no reason to suspect the conclave would end so suddenly so the bulk of the Furies took the night off from bopping.
3. When the conclave ended quickly, the 9 Furies went back to their hangout.
4. Since this took place before cell phones, it would be difficult to get everyone back together. Especially if the other Furies had to reason to expect a call.
5. The Furies went to the conclave unarmed, hence that is why they are shown coming up the stairs and chosing bats.

I am also assuming the Warriors faced the Furies 30-60 minutes after the conclave broke up. Anyone else have some thoughts?

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Re: Would the Furies ever be the same?

Post by Warriorfan54321 »

no, but now i do you make some good sense there.
yeah they were probably chillin out. then the broadcast came out, they knew they couldnt get the rest of the furies in time. so they thought theyd waste the warriors on their own. little did they realise, that theyd get beat by 3 warriors, after cowboy got knocked down.
yeah thats the perfect thought. youve been doing good research on that.

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Re: Would the Furies ever be the same?

Post by KillerMime »

It does make you wonder what the full strength numbers of the Furies were.  Just a thought, but could you imagine like a hundred Furies walking down the street at night?  Freaky.

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Re: Would the Furies ever be the same?

Post by Kujo_87 »

In the realm of the movie, I'm pretty sure the Furies would've just moved on to other brawls, it couldn't have been that big a deal after the entire city saw what the Warriors were capable of once the night was over, after all the Turnbulls had like 50 dudes and a bus and couldn't catch them on foot, that's almost just as bad.

As far as the fight goes though, i agree with the others who said that probably wasn't the Furies A-team that ran into the Warriors. If you think about it, they were completely cuaght off guard by Ajax's strength and Swan's strategizing. Like that lagger Swan took out never saw him coming. And instead of swarming Ajax after Yellow Face goes down they stand around while one guy gets strangled by Snow, Swan starts a Jedi bat fight with another, and Ajax just starts droppin' suckas in general. Speakin' of Yellow face, I don't think he was much of a leader, when Ajax somehow sneaks up on that blue faced Fury (who was standin' and lookin' around like he had never been in a fight before), you can see old Yella gettin' up from his serving of poundcake (sorry, I've been playin' Bully  :lol: ) and actually walkin' away from the fight  ::)

But anyway, after the serious hitters on the Fury squad got back on patrol, I have no doubts that could've made any non believers remember how they got their rep in the first place.   
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Re: Would the Furies ever be the same?

Post by Swan Owns All »

what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, they would probably just be better well equiped for their next rumble. (maybe practice fighting)
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Re: Would the Furies ever be the same?

Post by Ajax_41 »

"Guys, maybe we're not too good at this boppin stuff after all."

:lol: hahahaha :lol: that would be funny if they just gave up.
but i think they would (of course) not  get as much respect as theyre used to,especially not from the gangs in their area. and i think they maybe would loose their reputation as one of the heaviest gangs in NYC. but i dont think theyd just give up although id be embarrased...

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Re: Would the Furies ever be the same?

Post by loki »

they all would get worse have had worse beating before losing one fight wouldent  demoralize them
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Re: Would the Furies ever be the same?

Post by adam88 »

Well I came to realize, that when one is on the battle field, a fighter works to their best ability, and determination to be the best that they can be.  My point is that when ever you fall, you get right back up and work harder to improve your ability and skills.  When your in a gang, that is what you do.  Despite the fact whether you got your pride taken away or not, when your in the realm of gang activity, that is your life.  I am sure the furies woke up to find themselves in a a great state of lose.  But I am sure thats not their first or last defeat.  Just like knight, or Samurai, and modern day soldiers, we win some, and lose some, but the surviver will live to fight another day.  Its all about, harnessing your ultimate power, in the next battle.  I know some samurai's commit suicide, because they cannot live without defeat. I am not saying its a cowards way out, because they do it slowly, but than there are those who alter their minds in way, that makes them get up and keep fighting for their cause.  Its like that in the Warriors world.  You go through obstacles that test you, and you look for meaning.  This was just another obstacle for the Furies, but as for each individuals state of mind, only they can know that.  Its always like that in the art of war.  It depends how the fighter interprets it.

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