Mezco 5 Points Action Figure line THE WARRIORS

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Mezco 5 Points Action Figure line THE WARRIORS

Postby LIER ONE » Sun Feb 17, 2019 12:33 am

MEZCO is totally stepping into their renewed license for THE WARRIORS. Today the released their 5 Point Action Figure line with our film being one of the runs. They look like the Re Action figures that are made. Looks like we are getting the usual characters: CLEON, SWAN, AJAX and RED FURIES. I hope they can at least expand this line to include secondary characters. I also would love for them to be inexpensive so you can build gangs or the very least the delegates from each gang. ... igure-line
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Re: Mezco 5 Points Action Figure line THE WARRIORS

Postby Ninth Delegate » Mon Feb 18, 2019 8:48 am

These retro figures are cheap to mass produce. There's some obscure niche lines out there as well, so I'm hopeful that these get at least a series 2. The bodies look near identical, so should be no problem for customising if needed. I'm looking forward to these more than I am the delux 1:12 line. These are how I imagine a toy line would have looked if released to coincide with the movie back in 79. Fingers crossed that Mezco's tendency for being greedy, doesn't over-price this range. I want to see these in stores, not a year long pre-order.
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