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So I need a little reprieve from the craziness that is NYC right now. We don’t have one topic (or any topics lately) on the POPs, just the BLUE FACED so here are things I like from the set.

1. That they have multiple FURIES. Wish they made a color way we didn’t have already.

2. The belt buckles are screen accurate with COCHESE’s Native American chief.

3. Accessories on all of them like LUTHER’s badge.

I have 2 completed set with all 7 POPs. Hope they continue with the series but have a feeling this may be it.

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Now the bug in the forum has been fixed, I can post a reply.

Regarding the pose on Luther, it feels like it should come with a gun accessory. The pose on Konrad's punk is spot on. Really helps capture his likeness.

I think we have more of a chance of getting a 2nd line up than we have with anything from Mezco. I don't think we'll see any more tin sets from them; especially at that silly price.

I'm missing a couple of the exclusive furies, but again, it's the price being asked for them. It's not too bad stateside, but add on the shipping and import tax and we can kiss away £90 for a blue face variant. I'm more looking forward to the retro figures at this point.
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