40th Anniversary Merchandise

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40th Anniversary Merchandise

Postby LIER ONE » Mon Feb 04, 2019 1:59 am

I’m getting sick of searching for 40th Anniversary merch on Google so I’m creating this space (for the 6 of us) to post the merch we know about. The only merch I know of is:

Mezco 1/12 figures:
https://www.toynewsandreviews.com/sdcc- ... -and-more/

Fright Rags 40th Anniversary t-shirts

Anyone know of anything else?

(Released on Tuesday 2/5)
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Re: 40th Anniversary Merchandise

Postby Ninth Delegate » Mon Feb 04, 2019 3:31 pm

I've seen prototype art for some sort of deformed mini figures from sd toys; the same company who scrapped the pixel head figures. The only thing they've brought out is a key chain.

Heard "insider"claims of getting a theatrical cut bluray from paramount. I watched the 84 entertainment release last night, and they did a good job of it.

Unsure if Bobbie Mannix is still considering a 40th anniversary vest production run and patches.

Meeran Jee apparel are producing replica clothing. They've switched leather for the latest vests, which is a big improvement. Just working on changing the shape to get it more accurate. Turnbulls vest/jacket is in the works.
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