Help me get rid of this warrior stuff

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Help me get rid of this warrior stuff

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Ok guys this will probably be the last post I put in here because I have internet for a couple days. I hit rock bottom and I know most of you will probably not even read this but I am about to have nothing left except a bag of clothes and the streets. I am trying to sell as much as I can and I don't know anybody that collects warriors stuff so I am basicaly trying to get rid of it but make a little profit so I can have money. I even made a fan club vest with warrior patches on the back and a couple other patches I made to look like a real biker gang type style. Ill post pics if you guys would like.

Im getting rid of comics,buckles,shirts,posters,magazines, etc please just give me some time to upload some pics and more info if you would like. I still have my camera fortunately because the pawn shop said "NO" lol.


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