I hold out hope for the remake, but no expectations..

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I hold out hope for the remake, but no expectations..

Postby JoeWalsh » Mon Oct 11, 2004 10:23 pm

About this time last year I was trolling the sci-fi boards for info about the Battlestar Galactica remake. Being the ardent sci-fi dork that I am, as well as an ardent Galactica fan, I was very curious and very worried about a remake. Most people agreed, based on whatever preliminary knowledge they had of the production, that it was not only doomed to failure but sacriligious to the original. I had to say I agreed with that assessment.

We were all wrong.

BSG2 turned out not only to be a huge surprise, in many ways it was even better than the original because they made so many changes to it without taking away it's soul. Who woulda thought, but that remake was amazingly good. The Warriors, though,if I had my way I would keep it in 1979 without any guns or Matrix kung fu crap. But that seems to the way it's going to go and soI have no choice but to keep an open mind about it.

Lets hope it doesn't suck.
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