LoLL Warriors 2006 - haters read this LOLLLL funny

A forum dedicated to the rumoured remake of The Warriors.
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LoLL Warriors 2006 - haters read this LOLLLL funny

Post by matt »

at least i thought so . .
from a site mentioning the warriors franchise:

In 1979, years before Krush Groove caused real-life movie-theater gunplay and ages after Virgil took literature on a violent Odyssey, an NYC-based movie was released that took America by the throat and spit in its eye. Rather than the first salvo of a new cinematic renaissance, The Warriors proved to be the last gasp of the freedoms founded by the new Hollywood's raging-bull mavericks. The simple tale of a small gang from Coney Island who have to fight their way back home from a meeting two boroughs away after being mistaken for assassins, The Warriors initial stir of publicity created a slow-burning ember of pop-culture cool that is finally ready to burst into a 25-year-anniversary pyre. With director Tony Scott now hard at work on an ill-fated remake slated for 2006, the time is right to revisit the original real-live bunch from Coney. You hear me, babies? Good.

just thought it was funny.
i hope you did too.
or wow will i look stupid.
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LoLL Warriors 2006 - haters read this LOLLLL funny

Post by CleonIsCool »

i realy dont want them to make a new movie because i loved the calssic and if they just made an actualy remake then it would be great :D

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LoLL Warriors 2006 - haters read this LOLLLL funny

Post by Rem »

Ummm...Homer wrote the Anabasis, not Virgil. Virgil wrote the "companion piece" of sorts, the Aenied, about the survivors of Troy journeying to a safe land, and kicking some butt on the way. According to their legend Aeneas' granddaughter (Aeneas being the main character of the story, and I guess was at the end of the crappy Troy movie, but the Aeneas of the book is a hardass, not some wimpy prettyboy, but anyways, Aeneas' granddaughter) ends up getting impregnated by Ares, and gives birth to Romulusand remus, they get lost and are raised by a wolf, found the city of Rome, the rest is a history of sorts.

Plus Virgil is Dante's guide in The Divine Comedy (the first book of which being The Inferno, the most well known of the three). That subject material and the poet were some of the inspiration for Devil May Cry.

Off subject.....

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LoLL Warriors 2006 - haters read this LOLLLL funny

Post by gemz-is-a-freak »

if the remake was an EXACT remake ---- none of this adaptation or loosely based nonsense ---- then it would still suck coz Micheal Beck WAS one could ever better that!!!!
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LoLL Warriors 2006 - haters read this LOLLLL funny

Post by Twitch »

Matt- where is that review from? I find it interesting that they're already calling the new movie "ill-fated."

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Re: LoLL Warriors 2006 - haters read this LOLLLL funny

Post by Nite Run »

that film was back in the mid to late 80's if I recall, it was a film about the growing hip hop trend in New York City at the time, with artists like Kurtis BLow, Run-DMC, the Fat Boys, Sheila E., etc. I don't know how anyone would perceive that film as was about rapping, dancing, and the politics of record companies..but oh well..As far as the "ill fated" upcoming Tony Scott release (I won't call it a re-make cause it's not) of the "Warriors", I will watch it as many on this forum will, but again,  I hope it's worth the wait..
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Re: LoLL Warriors 2006 - haters read this LOLLLL funny

Post by MrVess »

Homer wrote the Anabasis


Yes, if one were to assume that Homer was a real person... if one were to transfer him, depending on the source consulted, six to three centuries into his own objective future... and if one were to assume that "Homer" was a hitherto unknown alias of Xenophon's, then indeed, one would be correct in stating that Homer authored "Anabasis".

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Re: LoLL Warriors 2006 - haters read this LOLLLL funny

Post by victoryskittles »

the remake is a stupid idea plus its an mtv film so all those faggots will fuck it up even more.

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