alot of info

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alot of info

Post by CAZ »

i've been digging around and i found alot of stuff on the remake. although none of it is good news :lol: ... yid=250874 ... tory.jhtml ... p?t=430508 ... -hill.html

allthough they mostly repeat eachother, these also have some more info. read them all though. the most informitave is the mtv one.
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Re: alot of info

Post by $now4Ever »

Yo CAZ thats a pretty good find you got there did you search alot?

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Re: alot of info

Post by taylor »

intresting... good find thoe they were sort of telling us what we already know but still a good find caz :D
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Re: alot of info

Post by swan_jax »

thanks caz. thats some good info.

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Re: alot of info

Post by Mikey Ramone »

Aww. Nothing but old news. I thought you'd have a cast list or something by now. It's just common sence that you wouldn't have a release date yet!

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Re: alot of info

Post by Junkie-LC »

Thanks for the info, Must read sometime. ;)

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