new movie new game ??

A forum dedicated to the rumoured remake of The Warriors.
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Re: new movie new game ??

Post by Kiro »

No they won't make a game for the movie. Not every movie comes out with a videogame and the remake will be an example of that. If they possibly do then we all know the game will turn out bad. Just the idea of what the movie will be makes the game unoriginal. Oh, most of your ideas go with the new game Saint's Row for the Xbox 360 :)

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Re: new movie new game ??

Post by turnbull_badger »

i doubt there will be a game, i wouldn't even know about a remake if it wasn't for this site, there is no publicity for the film. hardly anyone knows about it, so it doesn't really sound like the next big blockbuster so i doubt there will be a game

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Re: new movie new game ??

Post by taylor »

i still hold that there just keeping it under wraps and its the kind of flim (by the sounds of it) that will have a game i think
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Re: new movie new game ??

Post by original Ajax »

I think the probabilty of there being a new game depends on 1 of 3 things.

1. If the movie is good and if people like it and if it gets the title of cult classic.

2. Wether or not Rockstar (the creaters of Grand Theft Auto) decides to make it or not.

3. Or if someone else decides to make it a new game.

BUT! I think a new game will be like a new movie. Not as good as the original. You know what I'm saying?
Well that's  my theory in a nut shell.
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Re: new movie new game ??

Post by Cochise/Ajax »

I dont have anything much to say about it.
Except it wont be as good as the original.
I realy dont know so please dont ask.

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Re: new movie new game ??

Post by Warrior_Swan »

There already is a game exactly like that. It's called "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas" and that's all the new movie is gonna be.  :evil:
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Re: new movie new game ??

Post by Milky »

Lmao everyone knows that little movie poster was a fake the bottom half was convincing but the arm one nigth in LA and the warriors logo... well any skilled editor or even a kid who's board could make that besides. im against the idea even though i think Alba is Really hot. PROTEST IT!

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Re: new movie new game ??

Post by cowboy rules »

......That has absolutly nothing to do with this topic. You should post that in the 'Smokin' brand new facts' (I think thats it) thread.  ;)

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