Conan (2011)

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Conan (2011)

Post by Godfather »

Check out the remake or new Conan flick:
Looks pretty good to me.

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turnbull gbr
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Re: Conan (2011)

Post by turnbull gbr »

That does look pretty good, a nice bit of violence always makes a film better.

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Re: Conan (2011)

Post by Gramercy Riffs Yeh Right »

tough kid...that outfit he wasted must have been a prehistoric version of the orphans

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Re: Conan (2011)

Post by unsunghero »

Jason Momoa is looking good as Conan

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Re: Conan (2011)

Post by Ninth Delegate »

Still wish they would have gone with the Frank Frazzeta look with the "square cut mane" as its described in the books. This film has my money. Just hoping the script doesn't have him saying "funny" one liners.
I pray to Crom that this film has plenty of savage beheadings and scantily clad wenches.
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Re: Conan (2011)

Post by Scaley »

If it doesn't have any "savage beheadings or scantily clad wenches" you can always go for another night out in Blackpool, you'll see plenty of both!

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Re: Conan (2011)

Post by nightarmyWARRIOR »

That's not THE REAL Conan without Arnold S.

But the trailer looks pretty much good. Lots of actions.

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Re: Conan (2011)

Post by ILLER... »

this new guy can't compete w/ schwarz'ss sword twirling skills

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