Your top 3 other fav films!

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Your top 3 other fav films!

Post by E-Man »

1. Unleashed
2. Sin City
3. Predator 2
(4. Kung Fu Hustle >_>)
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Your top 3 other fav films!

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Other then The Warriors it's out of:

The Thing (JC)
Escape from New York
Assault on Precint 13 (JC)
Death Wish
Logans Run

I know that's 5 but i narrowed it down from 10!

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Your top 3 other fav films!

Post by Oddity »

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Fav Movies...

Post by LizzyBorden »

Vanishing Point
Night of the Living Dead
Dawn of the Dead - Remake
Resident Evil - Both
The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies
aka Teenage Psycho Meets Bloody Mary


Your top 3 other fav films!

Post by thediceman »

In no particular order:

Moulin Rouge
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
Romeo & Juliet
Clockwork Orange
The Beach (reminds me of my holiday in Thailand)
Rocky Horror Picture Show
Puf n Stuf
Assault on Precint 13 (JC)
The Italian Job (Micheal Caine)
Bronx Warriors
End Game
Purple Rain

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Re: Your top 3 other fav films!

Post by StickWarrior »

This is a hard one but in no order
Fast Times At Ridgemont High
Just one of the guys
Rocky Horror Picture Show
The Warriors
A Clockwork Orange
The Breakfast Club
Not another Teen Movie(Just because i like the movies they spoof)(a living mad magizine)
Any 70s or 80s movie

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Re: Your top 3 other fav films!

Post by Cowboy79 »

The Godfather 1 and 2
Rocky 1 and 2
The Batman movies

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Re: Your top 3 other fav films!

Post by beloved »

this is not gonna be easy,but i'd have to say...
blood in blood out also,but when i was younger i really liked the nightmare before christmas.
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Re: Your top 3 other fav films!

Post by Fly »

Can't get down to three yet, but I'll work on it.  (And I'm aware that there's also far too many that I haven't seen yet.)

Here are some that I never tire of watching:

12 Angry Men
24 Hour Party People
Les Amants du Pont Neuf
Donnie Darko
The Doors
Kind Hearts and Coronets
Life of Brian
Lord of the Rings trilogy
Pulp Fiction
The Shawshank Redemption
The Sixth Sense
Waking Ned
The Warriors

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Re: Your top 3 other fav films!

Post by Journey »

in no order:

star wars: empire strikes back
Dazed and Confused (its a fim about nothing.... but i love it... u gotta luv it)
Way of the Dragon (Bruce Lee breaks chuck norris' arm and leg in this one which makes it special as that turned out to be the most expensive visual effect in movie history)

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Re: Your top 3 other fav films!

Post by Ajax_91 »

my top three would have to be.

#1 The Warriors

#2 Scarface

#3 The Godfather Part 2
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Re: Your top 3 other fav films!

Post by Lion »

1. Indiana Jones: Raiders Of The Lost Ark
2. Mad Max
3. T2

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Re: Your top 3 other fav films!

Post by Furies4life »

1: Sandlot
2: Breakfest Club

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Re: Your top 3 other fav films!

Post by Baby Bear »

Mines are:

1.The Predator and Predator 2
2.Friday the 13th
3. Nightmare on Elm street

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Re: Your top 3 other fav films!

Post by Swan 1979 »

Mine are

1.Hot Fuzz
2.Die Hard all 4
3.Green Street Hooligans

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