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Rex's Epiphany [Fin]

Posted: Tue May 26, 2009 8:01 pm
by Dud
Hey there. Just thought I'd pop in with my shot fanfic I wrote a few weeks back. I'll probably post a chapter a day, and it documents a fictional Warrior - called Rex - and his activities after the meeting. Anyway, here goes.

“Hey, maybe I should get a chinstrap for this.” Cowboy said, tilting his Stetson forward.
“Maybe.” I replied with a shrug.
Cowboy and I had been put on patrol, and everything seemed quite quiet around Coney; the strip was shutting down and both of us nodded at Charlie from the plumbing store, who replied with a nod back in between shifting the signs advertising sinks and toilets at low prices back into the store.
“Hey Cowboy, why don’t you tell me some more about the meeting?” I said and expected the sigh to come.
I know the six guys who came back from the Bronx didn’t like talking about it, but the rest of the guys and I liked to hear about it. My name’s Rex, and I’m what could be described as being pretty close to the ‘A-team.’ I was probably one of the best Warriors outside of the main six, hence why I was on duty with Cowboy and not some other nobody from our crew.
“Ah man, you know I don’t like talking about that shi-” Cowboy began lecturing me, but shut up when I touched him on the shoulder deftly. He looked at where my eyes were set and slowly took a step back behind a wall, gently pulling me back with him. Around the corner a group of around a dozen Punks were heading from Stillwell Avenue, Coney’s main subway. They didn’t like talking about it, as I have already said, but we all knew about the fight with the Punks in the subway bathroom; looks like they wanted some revenge.
“This is all they brought with them? Damn, you and I could take them on our own.” I looked at Cowboy, but he replied with a shake of his head.
“Look, I’ll go get some of the guys out. You stay here, Rex. Follow them, but be quiet - I don’t want you getting wasted, okay?”
“Got’cha.” I nodded with enthusiasm, before Cowboy turned and headed down the street back to our hangout.
I began taking deep breaths as I followed the Punks, not even making the slightest sound. All of them were packed - hockey sticks, baseball bats, everything. Their leader - the one with the skates - held in his hand a knife that looked identical to the one Swan had thrown at Luther not so long ago.
The Punks were getting pretty close to the hangout now, and I was about to run to the next dark spot when I felt a steel chain wrap around my neck. The assailant pulled me further back into the shadows, the chain getting pulled tighter and tighter, as I began to feel light-headed. 

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight
Chapter Nine
Chapter Ten

Re: Rex's Epiphany

Posted: Tue May 26, 2009 11:07 pm
by Ninja
i loooooove how you picked that name REX! so cool! :mrgreen:
but i thought that was a lil short than i thought......
PLEASE MAKE MORE!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT WAS interesting!
i  hate  my  fan fiction

Re: Rex's Epiphany

Posted: Wed May 27, 2009 11:06 am
by Dud
Thanks for the comment.  :)
I like the name Rex, and it sounded very Warriors-y to me. I'm pretty sure the inspiration for his name come from Star Wars. 
I know it's pretty small, but the story in general is pretty small.
And don't be like that, gotta be confident in yourself.  :D
Anyway, Punks vs. Warriors II coming up now.  8)

The chain went tighter, but then I realised that this guy was trying to kill me, just like that. Fuelled by rage, I swung my head back and caught the guy straight on the nose, busting it wide open. The chain went limp and I turned around - looking straight at another seven or eight Punks. Looks like the dozen we saw at the subway wasn’t the only set they had brought.
The guy with the chain and busted nose fell back as the Punks advanced on me. Realising I had no chance in this fight, I shoved the leading Punk into the rest of the crew, before turning and running back to the hangout. I got to the bottom of the stairs leading to the main hangout entrance before Swan and Cowboy came out of the hangout, bringing with them a group of Warriors. They were all there; Snow, Cochise, Vermin, Rembandt and some of the younger Warriors.
“Where are they?” Swan asked me urgently, but I had no chance to reply as the sound of twenty men running filled the alley. The Warriors quickly filed down the stairs and I felt honoured as I stood in between Swan and Snow as we squared off against the Punks.
“Looks like we gonna make a name for ourselves after we roll over you jerks.” The Punks’ leader piped up as he flicked his knife open.
“Bring it.” Came the direct reply of our Warlord.
And then the fight was on; both sides rushed towards each other. I found myself exchanging punches with a guy wearing overalls over a red shirt, and after an untidy skirmish he managed to slam his left hand into my gut. Luckily he was slow at moving and I managed to duck his incoming shot with a baseball bat, before rising back up and hitting him with a straight head-to-head butt. He fell like a bag of crap. Following it up with a few wild swings as he went down, I then surveyed the fight. We seemed to have the upper-hand, but Rembrandt was getting the crap kicked out of him by the Punks’ leader. I rushed over to the guy and grabbed him by the hair, before running and slamming him into the nearest wall. He collapsed by a nearby dumpster, blood dripping from a gash in his forehead. I helped Rembrandt up and he went to thank me, but I brushed the thanks aside and rushed into the brawl again.
Suddenly a guy appeared in front of me and floored me with a straight shot to the face. I tried to regain my balance quickly, but he began putting the boot in on me. I don’t know how many people there were, but all I knew is that I was going to get wasted.

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Posted: Thu May 28, 2009 2:05 pm
by Dud
Here's the third part.
Enjoy.  8)

I was wrong, I didn’t get wasted. All thanks to a guy called BJ. As I was on the floor - on the edge of consciousness - I suddenly realised that less and less boots were coming in on me. Eventually the kicks stopped, and I was helped up by a coffee-coloured youth who I later found out was BJ. He began helping me back to the hangout, but I grabbed hold of the wall and tried to turn back.
“W... we gotta go back... back and help them.” I said, struggling to speak.
“It’s cool man, we’ve wasted them.” Came the reassurance from BJ, who had a very deep voice.
He helped me up the steps, and into the hangout, before setting me on the battered sofa. I must’ve passed out, because that’s all I remember.
“Hey man, give him some room.”
I was awoken by a voice. I opened my eyes quickly, but I shut them again soon after; the light was burning my eyes. I opened them a second time, this time slower. There we go.
Around me sat BJ, Snow and Swan, with a bunch of other guys behind them.
“You okay, young blood?” Swan asked. “You took a hell of a beating out there.”
“Yeah, he gave a hell of a one out too, man,” Laughed Cochise, who sat down in a chair beside the three already sat around me, a beer in hand. “We saw what you did; you absolutely pasted that Punk leader’s ass, man. His head gonna be hurting for a month.”
I laughed at the praise, and graciously accepted a bottle of beer from the eccentric Warrior, before taking a deep drink.
“Yo Rembrandt!” Cochise called across the hangout, turning a few unwanted heads too. “How much did this guy save your ass?”
“Without him I would’ve been wrecked.” Rembrandt replied with a laugh.
“Hey young blood, what do you call yourself?” Swan asked me.
“Damn man, I thought you were Rhino.” Cochise said with another laugh.
“So you’re not Lynx then?” Snow added, an odd smile on the usually serious Warrior’s face.
“Rex,” Swan said thoughtfully. “I’m gonna remember you, young blood.”

Re: Rex's Epiphany

Posted: Fri May 29, 2009 8:25 pm
by Dud
Another day, so I think that means another part has to be posted.
Not much action in this and it's pretty short, but it still carries on the story.  8)

So a few weeks went past and I slowly began rising in everyone’s eyes after putting in some good performances in minor rumbles with two-bit outfits like the Panzers and the Electric Eliminators; gangs trying to make a name for themselves. After the latter attacked us, they received a bit of a surprise when we turned up at one of their dancing competitions and laid waste to everyone there - with the Riffs’ blessing of course.
It had been a quiet afternoon; reports were coming in of a few minor brawls between gangs like the Hurricanes and the Boppers and the Moonrunners and Van Cortland Rangers, when a racket came from just outside the hangout. Vermin was shouting at someone. Swan looked up from his conversation with Snow at me and nodded towards the alley.
“Go check it out.”
I nodded and stood up, before stepping over the sleeping BJ’s outstretched legs and heading outside.
“Get out of here man.” Vermin said to some guy wearing a white robe, before giving him a soft but authoritative push. 
“But you’re not saved yet.” The man weakly said.
“I don’t give a damn. Now beat it.”
The man reluctantly walked off and Vermin sighed, before heading up the steps.
“What was that about?” I questioned.
“Nothing. Some guy was just preaching to me. You want this?” Vermin dropped a Bible and a small sliver cross on a chain into my outstretched hands before I could reply. I held the book in one hand, before lifting the cross in front of my face and smiling; I liked it. I pulled it over my head and it came to rest on my black t-shirt underneath my vest. I headed back inside and retook my seat next to BJ, who woke up.
“What’s that?” He asked, nodding at the Bible.
“Just a book.” I replied with a shrug.
He nodded and closed his eyes again, whilst I opened up the pages of the Bible. ’In the beginning...’

Re: Rex's Epiphany

Posted: Sat May 30, 2009 4:43 pm
by Dud
Here's the next part.
This is kinda the beginning of the end of the story, but enjoy anyway.  :D

A few days later and things were still pretty quiet. I was getting through the Bible quite quickly and realising a lot of things from reading it.
“Hey, Rex, don’t read too fast man, you might pass out.” Vermin called over.
“Hey, leave the kid alone,” Cochise laughed. “He’s the only one of us who knows a longer sentence than ‘the cat sat on the mat’.”
This generated quite a bit of laughter, and after the laughing had died down and everyone had returned to what they had been doing previously, BJ turned to me.
“Why you reading that book?”
“It’s a good read, BJ, you should give it a look sometime.”
“What’s so good about it though?” BJ said, still not convinced.
“It’s... insightful.” I replied finally with a nod.
“Oh... yeah... cool.” BJ said, before turning away. Maybe he didn’t know what that meant.

‘Alright now, I’ve been asked to relay a request from the Turnbull ACs. They want to take on The Warriors, that real heavy set from Coney, in a nine-on-nine brawl, no weapons. Anyone who wants to come along and see The Warriors get burned is welcome to come. Stay tuned for more information, boppers. ’

Everybody’s attentions were quickly on the radio sat on the table. Everyone was suddenly on their feet and shouting or yelling about it - then suddenly Snow’s voice rung above everyone else’s.
“Hey! Relax!”
Everyone quieted down and turned to face Swan.
“What are we gonna do?”
“We’re going down there, right Warlord?” Voices of the younger, more excited Warriors rung out. Although I had stopped reading when the message was played, the Bible sill sat on my lap. I moved the book to a nearby table and stood up like the rest of my brothers.
“We’re going down there. This won’t be the first time we’ve met, and they’re beginning to get a real pain in the ass. We’re going to tear these fools apart.”
Shouts in agreement followed our Warlord’s rallying cry, and he began naming those of us who were going with him.
“Me, Snow, Cowboy, Cochise, Vermin, Rembrandt, Rex, BJ, Lynx.”
Lynx was probably the least known of the nine selected, but he was quite a heavy soldier and had been with The Warriors from way back, even before people like Snow and Cochise had joined.
“Get ready, we’re gonna have one hell of a bop on our hands.” Swan said, before turning around to unhappy Mercy to comfort her.
“Sweet, we get to lay waste to those jerks.” BJ turned to me with a grin.
“Yeah,” I replied. “We do.”

Re: Rex's Epiphany

Posted: Sun May 31, 2009 7:28 pm
by Dud
Time for a bit of reminiscing on the train.  8)

“Where’s Swan?” Vermin asked impatiently as we stood at Stillwell Avenue station.
“Relax,” Snow said. “He’ll be here.”
I think the whole group breathed a collective sigh of relief when Swan turned up; the train had been waiting for a while and would probably be setting off soon.
“Girl trouble?” Vermin said with a smirk.
“Let’s get on the train.” Swan didn’t return the smile, and brushed past us. We followed him on and I took a seat between Snow and BJ.
The train set off and there was quite a serious atmosphere surrounding us.
“These guys are some bad motherdudes, man.” Vermin said, turning to BJ and I.
“I know,” I replied with a nod. “I was down there a few months back when we wasted that lame wheelchair dude Birdie.”
“Yeah, was that the time me and Fox got japped?” Snow asked, looking as though he was thinking.
“Yep. I think quite a few of us were down there. Vermin and Cochise, you guys were. Lynx, I think you were too. BJ, did you come down?”
“Nah, man.”
Vermin and Cochise began laughing.
“Damn, son, do you keep a diary of whenever you go out?” Vermin said in between the laughter.
“Well, y’know, I didn’t go out much before the meeting. I think that and the time Cleon took us to waste those Orphans were the only main missions I went on.”
Cochise and Vermin didn’t say much more and the laughing quickly died down.
“You know young blood. You may want to take that necklace off. It’ll be easy for off of those Turnbulls to grab you by that.” Swan said across to me.
Usually I’d agree with anything my Warlord said, but this time I shook my head.
“Gonna bring me good luck, man.”
Swan raised his eyebrows slight, but said nothing. A silence then followed, and the man to break it was the happy-go-lucky Cowboy.
“Damn it, I can’t believe we’re doing this again.”
“Doing what?” Rembrandt spoke for the first time.
“Going off somewhere with no weapons. ‘Member what happened last time?”
“Yeah, we do.” Snow spoke.
“Damn, we lost some good soldiers that night.” Vermin said thoughtfully.
“Let’s focus on these ACs for now.” Swan stopped the reminiscing, and the group once again fell into silence.

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Posted: Mon Jun 01, 2009 2:52 pm
by Dud
Just a bit of a filler part here. Nothing much, but just a little bit of dialogue before the very action-filled Warriors vs. Turnbulls fight.
Enjoy.  8)

The train pulled to a stop and we rose to our feet, stretching as we climbed from the train. We set off in search of the meeting place, and it didn’t take long before we found it. It was in an alley only a few blocks away from the subway. The alley lead to a large opening, and in the opening as a fight pen similar to that of the one behind our hangout. There were quite a few cliques here, and the nine of us smiled as we saw one particular group. Edge and the rest of The Saracens stepped forward and Swan clapped hands with the leader.
“Thanks for coming Edge; we don’t know how heavy this is gonna get with all these other cliques.”
“Don’t worry about it Warrior, we still appreciate the fact that you took down the Jones Street Boys.”
“Any JSBs here tonight?”
“Nah man. The JSBs have slowly begun falling apart since the meeting. Without Knox they’re just a bunch of guys looking for a fight. We’re slowly taking Bensonhurst.”
“Good to hear man,” Swan said with a nod. “Say, any Riffs down here tonight?”
“This isn’t a Riffs-authenticated brawl, Warrior. You think Masai would let you guys fight?”
“Suppose not,” Swan said with a shrug. “We better get in there. Catch you later Edge.”
Edge nodded and we all exchanged some form of greeting as we headed past him and into the pen. When in there we make a circle in the centre of the pen as the gates were shut by some Turnbulls. Another one appeared at the top of the pen on some sort of construction house, a megaphone in hand.
“Welcome to the destruction of The Warriors! Now I hope you Warriors are ready, ‘cuz the ACs are gonna rain on you.”
The guy jumped off his ledge and suddenly nine guys all jumped down from different directions surrounding us. The crowd outside the pen was yelling and screaming, but Swan still managed to make himself heard to us.
“Let’s do it!”
And with that we charge outwards into the Turnbulls; the fight was on!

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Posted: Mon Jun 01, 2009 8:31 pm
by nazzac
I'm into this fan fic. Great stuff DUD!!

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Posted: Tue Jun 02, 2009 6:29 pm
by Dud
Thanks a lot for the comment, man. I'll get across to your fan-fic in a sec and comment back.  ;)

Anyway, here's the next part: the Warriors facing off against the ACs.
Enjoy.  8)

The first guy I ran into took a swing for me, but I ducked and hit him with a hard uppercut, sending him backwards. I grabbed him by the collar of his jacket and backed him into the mesh wall of the pen before taking a shot at him - but he ducked and my fist slammed into the mesh. I wheeled away yelling in pain and the guy caught me off guard with a punch to the stomach, before planting me on the floor with shot straight to the mouth. I was in a daze and all I saw next was a huge boot coming down on my head, so I instinctively rolled out of the way and jumped to my feet, spitting out some blood in the process. I was then grabbed from behind by another AC and the first one smirked at me before making a fist at me and swinging - I ducked! He sent his fellow Turnbull down in a mix of blood and teeth, and I gripped him around the throat, before slamming my knee into his gut. He went down to his knees and I followed up with a vicious teeth-shattering knee to the chin. He wasn’t getting up. The Turnbull who had just been punched by his own guy was starting to get up, so I hit him with a running boot to the temple to make sure he wasn’t going to be getting up any time soon.
I surveyed the brawl and counted seven Warriors to six Turnbulls. Rembrandt and Lynx were both down and Snow had laid waste to one of the ACs as it seemed. Just as I was thinking of the best move to make, Cowboy went down from a savage right hook, and the guy prepared to stamp on his head in a similar way to what had just happened to me. I began running just as Cowboy put his hands up to defend his head, but I was too slow, the Turnbull’s huge boot crashed into Cowboy’s head. I cringed at the sight of it but still rushed at the AC and speared him to the floor. I went to strike him with a headbutt, but he moved his head to the side and my forehead met cement. I yelled out in pain and the Turnbull used it to his advantage, rolling over so that I was underneath him. He began laying into me with rights and lefts, and I was beginning to get drowsy. However, Swan had seen that was in trouble and rushed over to grab the guy off me. Swan began pulling him off, but another Turnbull floored Vermin and rushed at Swan. I tried to shout, but my Warlord was too quick - he turned away from the Turnbull beating on me and ducked, before throwing the oncoming Turnbull over his head. I used this momentary distraction to block one of the Turnbull’s incoming punches and hit the guy with a headbutt. I quickly jumped to my feet and waited for him to jump up - but instead he grabbed my leg and threw me off-balance before jumping up and swinging for me. I ducked out of the way and slammed my foot into his stomach with such force that he travelled several feet and slammed into the mesh wall.
That was it. Nine Turnbull ACs down but five Warriors remained standing; Vermin, Cowboy, Rembrandt and Lynx had been wrecked. We helped our downed brothers to their feet before heading out of the pen. This should have been time for celebration, but Swan wasn’t like that. We exchanged quick goodbye with the Saracens before heading off down the alley. We exchanged praise and thanks and after I received a pat on the shoulder from Swan, I looked around for my best buddy.
“Hey guys,” I said quite loudly. “Where’s BJ?”

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Posted: Wed Jun 03, 2009 2:56 pm
by Dud
Penultimate part here. Hope 'ya like it.  8)

“Goddamn it.” Cochise breathed.
“We gotta go look for him.” I turned and looked at Swan, who replied with a nod.
“Turn around; we’re heading back to the pen.” He declared to the group.
Snow and Rembrandt were at the back of the group, and as they turned they bumped into Edge.
“Hey Edge. You seen one of us back there?” Swan asked across the heads of the group.
“Nah. And I wouldn’t suggest going back there, that’s got pretty heavy. All the gangs are brawling now.”
“Oh hell no!” I said, brushing past The Saracens and breaking into a run.
“Rex!” Came the shouts from the rest of my brothers, but I ignored them. There was carnage ahead of me. Gangs were brawling, people were shouting and there seemed to be one gang surrounding one individual in the pen.
“NO!” I screamed, unable to control my emotions. I rushed over to the Turnbulls who were kicking the crap out of BJ, and began swinging wildly, before the rest of the guys joined in. High with emotion, we cleaned house, we then held our breath as we saw a bloodied and bruised BJ lying on the floor. Swan bent down and gently laid his index and middle fingers on BJ’s neck, but looked up at us and shook his head slowly. I fell to the side, and luckily Snow was there to catch me. I began crying on the big man’s shoulder and the rest of The Warriors stood in a respectful silence, despite the carnage going on around us. 
“Hey Warriors!” A shout from the top of the construction building brought my head up from Snow’s shoulder, and I wiped the tears from my eyes. “I got a surprise for you!”
He threw down a Molotov cocktail, and although Swan yelled at us to move, I just couldn’t. Still, Snow grabbed me and pulled me along until we were on the subway platform. By some luck a train pulled up not so long after we got on the platform, and we filed on, still maintaining this respectful silence.

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Posted: Thu Jun 04, 2009 3:29 pm
by Dud
One thing The Warriors liked to keep secret was our wall. It had a vest hung on it for every deceased Warrior. Cleon was up there, as was Ash, a young blood killed by the Destroyers. And now BJ had a vest up there with his two-lettered name scrawled underneath.
“If it makes you feel any better,” Snow said, placing a hand on my shoulder. “His name was Barry Jones; that’s what BJ stood for.”
It was odd that a Warrior knew one of his brother’s full names, but I didn’t pry any further.
“Thanks.” I replied, placing my hand on top of his.
He nodded and walked off, and I stood for a moment of reflection. That book, the Bible, had really changed my opinion on the world. I began slipping my vest off as I walked up to Swan.
“You okay young blood?” He asked, and I replied with a nod, before placing my vest down on a nearby table.
“Look Swan, with all this business you may think my brain’s not functioning properly, but it is. I love you guys, you’re like family to me... hell, you are family to me. But I don’t want this, Swan. I’m out, Warlord.”
“You don’t even wanna stay for our payback attack on the Turnbulls? We’re gonna wipe those bastards out.” I shook my head, and what Swan did next really surprised me. He pulled me close and embraced me for a few seconds. He pulled away and nodded.
“We’re gonna miss you, Rex. But you gotta do what you gotta do.”
“Thanks Warlord, see you.”
I turned and walked off, each Warrior giving their own personal goodbye to me.
“Catch ya later, man.” Said Cochise.
“Take care of yourself.” Was Vermin’s goodbye.
“Bye.” Cowboy, being short and sweet.
“Be good now, bro.” Rembrandt.
Snow didn’t say anything, instead he patted me on the shoulder and smiled briefly at me, before walking off. Mercy gave me a kiss on the cheek and I received a few more goodbyes from the younger guys, before I pushed open the doors and slipped in the cold night. I felt free in a way. I had left everything behind, but it was time for a new start. A new life.

There we go. I hope you enjoyed reading the story as much as I enjoyed writing it and comments on it would be appreciated.  :D

I'll probably begin posting up my next fan-fic in the next few days, so keep a look out for that.  8)

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Posted: Thu Jun 04, 2009 4:23 pm
by nazzac
Great story, i enjoyed it very much. Great stuff.

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Posted: Fri Jul 17, 2009 1:20 am
by Ninja
OMFG DUD I READ THE WHOLE THING!! Such an awesome fan fiction!!!!

Re: Rex's Epiphany

Posted: Fri Jul 17, 2009 4:49 pm
by Dud
Thanks a lot Ninja and nazzac, your comments are appreciated.  :D

In my last post in the thread I mentioned my next fan-fic. Seeing as I've only got two more school days before my holidays begin, I may be able to get the last couple of chapters finished and get it up in the next month or so. Just as a taster, it's about The Saracens.  8)