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All Grown Up
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Song of the Last Warrior
By:All Grown Up

The city has fallen lonesome and dead,
the people gone; it's darkness instead.
A warrior fights; his heart is strong.
The last of an icon is holding on.
Through the wasteland march him young and weak.
No one is left to hear him not weep.
His spirit is of strength, and utter defiance.
He casts no shadow, and has no alliance.
Let it be clear to those who meet him
he once had friends who would've died for him.
Powerful is friendship to the powerful man.
Hold on young one, as best as you can.
The world may be dark, and the people gone,
but hope is a shadow that won't move on.

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Re: Sonnet

Post by wargod »

i like it
i have a reason, so there fore i am not a rebel without a cause

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the lady warrior
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Re: Sonnet

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this is so cool i love it i cud feel the words going through my body.yes your a great poet you shud do that as a profession yeah i luved this poem!! 8) :D

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Re: Sonnet

Post by Dud »

Impressive.  =D>
I've recently been reading, and learning about, poetry in school, so I can really appreciate how a good a peice this is. Great job; I hope to see more from you in the future.  :D

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Re: Sonnet

Post by 4nik8 »

ok, it's 14 lines, but is it iambic pentameter?!?!

I'd determine this myself, but I'm far too lacking in motivation to look up iambic pentameter!!  :p
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