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Fam Fic contest: Round 1: Match 2: Dud vs Union_Jack

Posted: Thu May 06, 2010 7:35 pm
by nazzac
Ok guys after a random dice drawing you 2 have been picked to face of.

Dud vs Union_Jack

Should be good

The Fan Fic can be as long as you want, but remember Quality over Quantity. The Fan Fic has to be finished by the deadline, and has to link in with the title, and be warriors based, not something of Harry Potter or Twilight..

The theme is: Boys in blue
I will be judging on:

How well it can paint a picture in my head
How it links in with the title

Deadline is next Friday a 17:30 GMT

I wish all of you the best of luck, and may the best writer win  :D :D  

Re: Fam Fic contest: Round 1: Match 2: Dud vs Union_Jack

Posted: Mon May 10, 2010 6:47 pm
by Dud
hmm, should be a close contest, and should be quite the challenge. Best of luck to you jack, I'm sure we'll put on quite the show. :D

Anyway, here's my piece. 8)

PreviewDudit: Yup, that's pretty long. Sorry about that. :oops:

Dudit2: Also, Fam Fic? :lol:

Boys in Blue
Officer Brian Klinger sighed deeply as he leant on the hood of his police cruiser, as he heard the gang members inside Van Cortlandt Park cheer. He had distinctly heard someone say not long ago that there were "9 delegates from 100 gangs" present. That number had made Brian feel very small.

"You okay?" His partner, an older, cockier cop by the name of Ben White asked. Brian didn't reply verbally, but nodded instead. "It's not great for your first assignment," Ben continued. "But you know what we say down the station, it happens."

Ben nodded again as a burst of static came the radio inside the car. Ben leaned inside the open, passenger-side window and managed to decipher it, before turning back to Brian. "Any minute now."

Ben nodded once more, before standing up straight, feeling the adrenaline already begin to course through his body. His muscles tightened up, he began feeling the blood flow through his system a lot quicker, and of course, he felt the butterflies in his stomach. The 'fight-or-flight' response was kicking in, but in this profession, it was known as the 'fight-or-fight' response - Brian was never expected to fly.

The lights surrounding the park came on, and the duo's colleagues ran into the park, flushing the gang members out. One, wearing a blue denim vest, ran straight into Ben and was taken down. Brian did his best to grab any of the other gang members but struggled, as most evaded his grasp or just shoved him aside. A young gang member ran into Brian whilst looking over his shoulder, and when the gang member saw he had bumped into a cop, he stopped like a rabbit caught in a car's headlights. Brian grunted and used a two-legged takedown to get the gang member on the floor, but as he whipped out his handcuffs, the gang member began sobbing, and Brian couldn't help but feel sorry for the gang member and climb off him, before whispering in his ear: "Run for it."  

The gang member ran as the rest of the crowd dispersed. Brian went around the side of the car to find Ben looming above the gang member he took down earlier. "Get anyone?" Ben asked, and Brian replied with a shake of his head.

"Damn it, Bri. The Captain's gonna chew our ass for this - he wanted two punks per car," Brian didn't know how to reply, so he looked down at his feet. "If he asks, we had to take this sack of crap down together." After saying this, Ben kicked out at the Turnbull.

"Leave it." Brian said, stepping towards Ben with his arm outstretched.

"Why?" Ben spat. "Scum of the Earth, these guys."

"Watch it, asshole," The gang member, whose vest read 'Turnbull A.C.s', said menacingly. "I know people."

Ben lifted the Turnbull up and laughed. He went to place the gang member into the back of the cop car, but before he did he hit the gang member's head against the roof of the car.

"Funny, I know people too," Ben laughed again, before pushing the Turnbull into the back of the car. "Try the Chief of the NYPD."

Brian shook his head but said nothing as he took his place in the driving seat of the police cruiser. Ben jumped into the passenger seat and Brian fired up the engine. They drove on towards the station for a few minutes along the bank of the Hudson River, before Ben gently nudged Brian on the shoulder. "Hey, pull over. I gotta whizz."

Brian sighed reluctantly and pulled over, before Ben hopped out of the car and headed into the trees next to the river to relieve himself. Brian sat back in his seat, and was startled when the Turnbull in the back, who had been silent since he got in the car, spoke up: "Hey pig, I need to pee too. Wanna let me out?"

Brian deliberated with himself for a moment, before shaking his head. "Don't think I can do that."

"How long 'till we get back to the station?" The Turnbull asked.

"Around 20 minutes." Brian said quietly, unsure why the Turnbull had asked the question.

"Well I'm just about to wet myself," The Turnbull said. "So I don't know if you want to sit in a car that smells like pee for another 20 minutes or..." The Turnbull finished his sentence there, and Brian left it hanging for a few moments before replying with the reluctance in his voice obvious.

"Okay, I guess it won't hurt." Brian climbed out of his car and checked the Turnbull still had his handcuffs on before letting him out too. Brian led the Turnbull over to the trees before turning his back on him.

"Not being funny pig, but I can't do this myself. You gonna have to un-cuff me."

"Really can't do that." Brian shook his head vigorously.

"Well pig, you gonna have to hold my dick in place. Don't enjoy it though, queer."

Spurred on by the insults, Brian turned and faced the Turnbull, who was smirking, and un-cuffed him, before turning his back on him once more. Brian heard the Turnbull's zipper and was slightly relieved that the Turnbull was at least being honest-

A ham-sized fist came around and hit Brian in the temple. Brian went down, his head connecting hard with the cement on the sidewalk. Brian's vision was very fuzzy, but he at least managed to make out two large boots walk past him and over to where Ben was stood leaning against the squad car. By the time Ben realised what was happening, the Turnbull had already drawn out a blade and Brian saw the glint of the metal as it was repeatedly driven into Ben's stomach. The Turnbull looked around before turning and running off.

Brian struggled to his feet and stumbled over to the squad car. He climbed back into the driving seat and fired up the engine again. His mentor and friend Ben was dead, due to his negligence; he had broken so many regulations he was going to lose his job for sure in the morning; and prosecution seemed likely in the circumstances. Still groggy, Brian angled the car towards the river, away from the line of the trees, and pressed his foot down hard on the accelerator - there was only one way out of this mess.
If one were to turn on the television and switch the any news channel on, they would hear a variation of the following report being read aloud by a sombre newsreader:

"The New York Police Department was left reeling this morning after it was revealed that, in the wake of 'Operation Bopper', two police officers had been found dead. The first, 33-year old Officer Ben White, was found by the side of the Hudson River, with excessive damage to the respiratory system due to multiple stab wounds cited as the cause of death. A second officer has also been found in the Hudson River, having drowned in their designated police cruiser. The New York Police Department has yet to confirm anything about the second officer, but reports suggest that it is likely that this will be revealed as Officer White's partner, 22-year-old Officer Brian Klinger, later in the day. Please stay with this station for any updates on this situation, and a special report on the aftermath of 'Operation Bopper', the organised police operation set up to eliminate gang-related operations and violence from the streets of New York City."

Re: Fam Fic contest: Round 1: Match 2: Dud vs Union_Jack

Posted: Tue May 11, 2010 8:48 pm
by union_jack
Boys in Blue

“You're nights in the park are over for a while. You're under arrest.”
Me? She's done this to me? I couldn't fucking believe it. After everything, everything that the Warriors had been through, together that night, this bitch had cuffed me to a fucking bench.
“Let me out of this thing, you hear me?!” I lunged for her, “You can't do this to me!” I wasn't about to go out like this, like a punk.
“Kiss my ass.” she looked at me smugly and blew her whistle. I pulled my arm up lifting the bench off the ground to reach her, to shut her up, pulling and pulling this stupid thing she'd locked me to, swinging my arms out as she stood there tryna make a fool of me.
My soldiers were gone now, and I had to fix this mess on my own. We'd made it all this way, through this whole stupid night. What a joke - Cyrus comes up with some great idea and gets wasted and we have to bop our way back to Coney. But we did good - we're the best.
The cop car rolled up just like a pig mobile should, squealin' as it skidded to a halt. Two cops came out and one approached me with a knight stick, a mean old grin on his pig face. He loved his job, the asshole.
“What have we got here?” he said sneering down at me - I smashed him with a right hook. The faggot hit me with the stick. Let's see him take me one-on-one. I spat blood at him, he better know I could waste him. Waste him in a second.
They threw me in the back seats, the two of them in the front and we pulled out of the park, my hands cuffed together.
“You better let me go! You don't know who your messing with!”
“A punk kid rapist. Now shut up, or we'll give you another going over.”
I laughed , “Oh, you're gonna regret saying that mister.”
“Oh really? Why? Are your little street buddies gonna come for me? They don't give a rat's ass about you. You kids got no loyalty you're all wild animals, ruining this city. You're just one kid and we've taken you down, what makes you think we're afraid of your little playmates?”
“You got it wrong man -  it's me you should be afraid of.” That shut them up.
We turned a corner into a narrower street, it looked empty. They were staying off the streets, the truce was off and it was wild out there, but we knew the real boppers were out, relishing it like I was.
“I've been through a lot of shit tonight. This ain't nothing.”
The other cop swallowed as he began to speak, they were afraid of me, I knew it. Bet he was pissing his pants having a soldier like me so close behind his neck, cuffs or no cuffs.
“You were at that big meeting?” he said, tryna make like he wasn't just another pussy in a uniform.
“Yeah, I was there.” I said mocking them. They didn't know what was going on. They were scared just like those other losers out there tonight.
The radio crackled on through the static.
“...all units be aware, gang members are causing trouble in the area, large numbers committing random acts of violence and lootings...”
We were cruising to the end of the street when - BAM – one of the Furies stepped out of the shadows and smashed the driver's window in, with a bat. Glass burst through the front seats embedding in the cops faces as they swerved the car into a street light throwing us all forward with the impact of the crash.
I heard the windscreen being shattered and looked up, my forehead bleeding, as another bat smashed the window right in front of me
“You assholes! Fuck you!” I shouted at them, brushing the glass from my eyes. There was about six of them. I dunno how the hell they got to me, or if they were just pissed at everyone in the crazy shit going down that night.
I kicked out the remaining shards of glass from the window and pulled my self out of the wrecked cruiser.
They stepped back, rested their bats on their shoulders and stared at me. The one with the blue make-up gritted his teeth and pointed his bat at me. Looking back I guess I was up on two counts, they probably thought I was the Warrior who shot Cyrus – and the one that wasted their guys back in the park.
The one guy held the bat there at me as the others, all colors of the freakin' rainbow came towards me, bats swinging, closing me in against the car.
I looked them up and down.
“Hey, didn't I tell you guys what I'll do with that bat?”
A bat from the nearest Fury came down at me. I met it with my cuffed hand, crushing my thumbs as I caught it in the chain. I released the pain with a kick to his chest, knocking him down. Adrenaline pumping, I roundhoused the next guy, as the others closed in to defend their stance, and blew him away. I grabbed his bat and swung round behind me, wood meeting bone as it smacked his skull and brought him down on the car door with a satisfying clunk.
The blue Fury and the two of them left faced me, tensed with the bat held above my head ready to waste any of them in one blow. They looked at each other and at me, tryna convince themselves they stood a chance. They came charging at me together, eyes blazing and baseball bats held high, I met the first blow with my bat, swinging high and kicked him back before striking him down. The other raised his bat into the air and brought it down like hammer. I dodged to the right and went for the ribs. Crack. 
“Fuckin' A.” ...One left.
I raised myself up and slapped the bat into my fist.
“So, Blue. How's it gonna go?”
He dropped his bat and ran... I knew they was wimps.

I just had to make it back to Coney...

Re: Fam Fic contest: Round 1: Match 2: Dud vs Union_Jack

Posted: Wed May 12, 2010 3:52 pm
by nazzac
The first one i can judge, thanks for posting he both of ya.

Re: Fam Fic contest: Round 1: Match 2: Dud vs Union_Jack

Posted: Wed May 12, 2010 3:59 pm
by union_jack

so when do we get the result? friday?

Re: Fam Fic contest: Round 1: Match 2: Dud vs Union_Jack

Posted: Wed May 12, 2010 6:30 pm
by nazzac
Saturday m8  :D

Re: Fam Fic contest: Round 1: Match 2: Dud vs Union_Jack

Posted: Wed May 12, 2010 7:10 pm
by Dud
Nice piece jack. Was thinking about doing something related to Ajax's arrest myself, but couldn't think up a good idea. That, on the other hand, certainly was a good idea. Good job and good luck, I look forward to seeing the result on Saturday. 8)

Re: Fam Fic contest: Round 1: Match 2: Dud vs Union_Jack

Posted: Wed May 12, 2010 7:46 pm
by union_jack
Thanks man, and compliments to your peice mate, awesome stuff! Good luck, and yeah, guess we'll have to wait and see Saturday.

Re: Fam Fic contest: Round 1: Match 2: Dud vs Union_Jack

Posted: Wed May 12, 2010 8:10 pm
by 4nik8
nazzac wrote: Saturday m8  :D
...rhymes with 4nik8

Re: Fam Fic contest: Round 1: Match 2: Dud vs Union_Jack

Posted: Sat May 15, 2010 8:12 pm
by nazzac
The match is over!! No more fan fics in this thread.