The NY Vice

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The NY Vice

Postby nazzac » Sun Aug 14, 2011 8:12 pm

Based upon the hit TV series called Miami Vice. This is a fan fic about a group of cops who plan to take down the gangs of New York. The men work under-cover, and appear to the eyes of the public as regular people.

Lets meet the team.

Niall Clarke- The captain of the squad. Clarke was the man who brought the group together. At the age of 14, Clarke lost his family to gang violence, as both his parents and younger brother were stabbed. Niall wasn't there at the time, but when he found out about their death, he went to live with his uncle who is a NY cop. When Niall turned 19, his uncle was shot down by a gang called the Rogues. Ever since, Clarke has been intent on bringing the gangs of New York down. At the age of 22, Clarke has set up this squad, called NY Vice.

Corey Smith- Corey was brought up with a rough upbringing. He witnessed the gang violence live and is very knowledgeable about the gangs of NY.

Connor Laughren- Connor used to be a regular cop. When Niall and Corey were looking for men to help them, they found Connor, and were impressed.

Josh Casey- Josh started from the beginning. He was Niall and Corey's old friend from school. Whe he heard that Niall and Corey had started a group of law enforcers. He wanted in. Josh went through all the physical and theoretical tests and passed them with ease.

Ben Scies- Ben was apart of the squad that brought down all the gangs of L.A. He is now the cheif of this operation, and the boss who works over the desk.

Luke Wilkinson- Another regular cop who moved to NY from Miami 3 years a go. He was scouted by Scies, and brought in to take care of business.

The story starts one day before the conclave.
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Re: The NY Vice

Postby nazzac » Mon Aug 15, 2011 12:07 pm

Chapter 1: Conclave

In the centre of NY is the station. It was an old cop station before they moved to a different location 1 month a go. Ben is sitting in his office, and all the members of the team are standing in his office, as Ben stands up and observes them.
"You have all had the honour of being chosen to be part of this group. Out of thousands of cops in New York, you were chosen. I expect you all to uphold that honour. You all met with me yesterday, as i assessed you all to see where you would fit in, and you all were great. But in this job, great isn't good enough, you have to be perfect. Perfect is what you shall be. We are working with the cops of New York to try take down this disease that is called gang violence. Nothing else matters but this. That is your objective. End this bullshit once and for all."

Ben's speech stuck in the minds of all the men who were ready to take down the gangs of NY. All of them still with a purpose, not budging to the slightest itch in their body. They were ready.

"We have received intelligence that a big meeting is set for tomorrow up in the bronx. Every gang in the city will be there" Ben Says to his men
"And how will we be able to take down 60,000 gangs members. it's bull...." Josh says before getting cut off by Ben,
"Our job is not to get them, but to receive more inside info on what these shitheads are planning. Understood." Josh nods after Ben puts him in his place. Jake (the scout) gives Ben a piece of paper. Ben looks at it and then proceeds to read it to his team.
" This is the information we have so far. They are hundreds of gangs in the city. Theyn all are run by an African American gangs called the Riffs, who have the most members of any gang. Other notable gangs are the Turnbulls Ac's. They are a group of bald cunts who drive in a 15 year old bus if you didn't know. The Baseball Furies. They where Baseball gear and facepaint. The Punks. They dress like Hillbillys. They are a lot more, but their the only ones that we have info on." Ben explains to the squad.
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Re: The NY Vice

Postby skullboy13 » Wed Aug 17, 2011 12:18 am

hey man this is pretty good id like to see where this goes =] also the characters are pretty good i can imagine them being in a warriors fic
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Re: The NY Vice

Postby nazzac » Wed Aug 17, 2011 7:53 am

skullboy13 wrote:hey man this is pretty good id like to see where this goes =] also the characters are pretty good i can imagine them being in a warriors fic

Cheers man.

The next day, Niall,Connor,Josh,Luke,Corey, and 4 smaller levelled members got ready to head up to the conclave.
"Hey, man. Do the Riffs have us on the network" Asked Alex (a small level member)
"Yeah. We go by the name of the Eliminators." Niall replied while zipping his vest up.
"How would the cops know we are not a proper gang." Josh asked.
"We have a badge on our vest" Niall says while pointing to the Badge. "If anybody asks. We have to say that we stole it from some cops."
"And if that doesn't hold out" Corey asked
"We run"Niall says to Corey before laughing a little. Ben enters the room with his typical seriousness. He stands a looks at the men while they line up with their uniforms.
"Ready?" Ben says quietly. Everyone nods.
"So what do we do" Connor asks
"You sit around and listen to what Cyrus has to say. If anything kicks off or when the cops decide to step in, you take off, and get back here straight away. We have stationed cops all over New York, for when they try to get back to their areas. You need to find out information, so we can get more leads on how to bring them down."

This is short, but the conclave is next.
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Re: The NY Vice

Postby nazzac » Thu Jan 19, 2012 10:22 pm

I just remembered this. Here's the next part.

The group took the car up to the bronx. It was a regular ford in case you were interested. It was dull, not very smart, typical of a gang really. All 9 members got out of the car, and grouped around Niall. Niall inspects everyone before saying...
"Remember, we do not engage. Repeat, we do not engage. You all got that" Everyone nods.
"We are a New York gang. So everything you say, and everything you do, must be gang like. We got cops waiting on the outside, when they engage, we run for it, just like a gang. We regroup here and head back to the station. Lets go" Niall leads the rest of the pack across a seemingly long field. As they edged ever closer, the voices of the gang members could be heard. They reach the top of a hill, and stop. Niall inspects the area, and gangs before signalling for the group to follow him. The group stand on this footpath above most of the other gangs. They are passed by a group wearing red vests. The warriors they were called. Luke pulls out a piece of paper, and a pen and proceeds to write the name of the group down. He looks around before adding more names to his seemingly long list of gangs. As he is doing this, a man emerges into the middle. Immediately Corey knows who he is.
"Thats Cyrus" He said while pointing towards him.
"Yeah" Josh replies
All of a sudden Cyrus starts to talk. Luke writes notes on what he is saying. The plan of the gangs running the city.
"This is bull" Josh whispers to Niall
"I know, but keep cool" Niall whispers back. His speech continues until he blurts out "Because it's all out turf". The whole place erupts. Just like a sports game when the home team scores a goal. Amongst the cheering, a gunshot is heard, and Cyrus falls. The Vice look around to try identify who had done it, but they couldn't pick him or her out of the group. Then blinding lights beam onto the scene, and sirens are heard. The vice follow the crowd and run in the direction they entered. It was seemingly clear after they managed to get through the sea of bodies. They make it to the car, everyone is gasping for air after the long run.
"You get that" Niall says to Luke while breathing heavy. Luke nods to Niall.
"What the fuck" Josh shouts out "What just happened?"
"Cyrus got shot dickhead. didn't you see" Connor replies in a sort of angered tone
"What now?" one of the younger cops asks Niall
"We head back, and tell of everything to the chief"
The vice pile into the car, and the car drives off back to the station.
Niall comes bursting through the door. Ben is talking to an officer as the rest of the group enter the station
"So?" Ben said to Niall. Niall hands over the notes Luke made at the meeting.
"Follow into my office Niall if you will" Niall and Ben head into Ben's office, Ben takes a sip of his water before sitting down.
"So, this Cyrus. The leader of the biggest gang in the city talks about how these gangs are going run New York. Everyone seems to agree, then this Cyrus gets shot. Is that right?" Scies asks Niall
"Yeah" Niall replies calmly before grabbing a chair and taking a seat across from Ben
"Did you see who shot this guy?"
"No. We just hear this shot, and see Cyrus fall"
"Alright. And i see Luke managed to find some more gangs"
"Shit loads of them were there. Luke picked out quite a few. One gang brushed passed us called the Warriors. Red jackets, seemingly led by a black guy wearing a towel over his head"
"Did cops show up?" Ben asks
"Yeah, lots of them. I'm sure they grabbed a few"
"Good. There will surely be more to come. Bring in Luke to describe the vest. Maybe we can nail these Warriors."
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