Change of heart pt 4

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Change of heart pt 4

Postby The Vixen Scout » Mon Nov 21, 2011 7:27 pm

Change of heart
Chapter 4
Vixen’s eyes widened in shock as the overly obese man walked towards her.
“F...father” Vixen stuttered in fright.
The man took three large strides towards Vixen and grabbed her hair so hard she was afraid that he would rip the huge chunk out of her head.

The man sneered at the girl before pulling his face before hers but before he could try anything Fox had landed a solid hit to the side of his face causing the man to stumble.
Vixen yelled causing a nurse passing by to open the door and screamed when she saw the two men fighting in a hospital room drawing more attention to the scene.

By the time two security guards arrived Fox was already dragging Vixens father to the front entrance.
Fox punched the older man in the face causing him to stumble back and fall onto the curb.
Once again he got up and lunged at Fox but toppling over because of the high level of alcohol in his system.
Fox just raised an eyebrow and walked back inside the hospital and away from the man.
As fox walked into the room Vixen was in a nurse was in again checking her vital signs on the chart before walking out and smiling at Fox as well.

Vixen was now lying peacefully on the bed while looking out of the window to her right it wasn’t until Fox sat down in the chair that she looked at him.
Fox smiled at the young woman lying on the bed even though she looked a mess she was still in beautiful his eyes the way her short brunette hair was splayed out on the pillow, her frosted dark green eyes reflected the smile that she wore, her delicate bruised and scared body would be enough to make a lizzy jealous.

The nurse came through shortly after her heels gently tapping the floor and alerting them both of her arrival.
“Estal will be able to leave tomorrow we just need to keep her in overnight for observation” she informed.
Fox nodded and got ready to leave after the nurse had gone but Vixens pale hand latched onto his arm stopping him instantly.
Fox looked into Vixens wide green eyes, her beautiful green orbs how they made him shiver.
“Please don’t leave Fox me come back tomorrow to get me please”
“Don’t worry Vixen I promise I will come back tomorrow” Fox promised.
Vixen let go of Fox’s arm and closed her eyes a smile crossing over her face, she looked completely at ease knowing that she didn’t have to go back to that house.

Fox took in every detail of Vixens face once again.
But instead of leaving right away he let himself run his hand through her dark brown hair and resting it on the side of her cheek her skin felt so soft against his hand, Vixen nuzzled Fox’s hand which made his heart flip but what surprised him more is that her hand was now resting on his.
Vixens green eyes where now open and she was looking straight at him her green eyes meeting with his blue ones.
Vixen let go of Fox’s hand letting his leave, she watched his black retreat out of the door and down the hall.
“What the hell is going on” thought Vixen to herself
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Re: Change of heart pt 4

Postby the lady warrior » Fri Nov 25, 2011 7:40 pm

sorry for not commenting on your story whn you first commented on chapter 4 of my fanfic. i must of forgot but hey am only human but again sorry x :D this is a great chapter i love how you showed fox's love for vixen in this chapter- it showed through perfectly xx i loved this chapter and thought it was the best chapter yet 8-) as it was quit poetic in a sense... great stuff keep it up!! xx :D
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Re: Change of heart pt 4

Postby KingOfConey » Thu Dec 15, 2011 9:02 am

enjoying the story vixen cant wait to read da next chapter
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Re: Change of heart pt 4

Postby The Vixen Scout » Mon Jan 02, 2012 9:22 pm

thank you for all your nice comments my next chater will be up soon lolz
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