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Posted: Sun Aug 20, 2006 6:22 am
by Warriorsnest
Here is another entry

February 16 1974 3:08 p.m.

Henry woke up in the hangout, and looked around. There were a couple soldiers around him and he started to get up. His head hurt and he had a cut on his arm. All of the boys looked tired. But as he got up he saw they were all watching T.V. He walked over and looked at the screen. There was a news reporter on, they had there backs to what seemed to be a park. The news reporter was speaking solemnly.

News Reporter-I am standing here in East River park where there seemed to be a huge gang fight a couple days ago. Many teenage boys were involved in this fight over what appeared to turf as they call it. Witnesses tell that there were three gangs involved. Two of which I hear had actually teamed up to take out another gang. We have gotten word of who the gangs are. Police are questioning but cant capture the leaders of the three gangs. The three gangs reported were the Delancey Thrones, The Gramercy Riffs and The Battery Park Patriots. If you know anything please report. This is Caron Richards signing off.

With that it went to some commercial about cleaning products. The soldiers looked at each other then at Henry. They were pretty shocked to hear that a rumble was big enough to make it to T.V. news. They all knew that gang issues were big but not that big. Almost all of the soldiers knew about the turf war going on between the Thrones and the Riffs. A Rider that had joined up with the Saints who was pretty older than them said he had actually gone to a meeting held by the Thrones. Although it had been busted up by the cops a lot of gangs actually had turned around and started to make bigger moves. That was how the Riders had gained power. They started to set alliances and get affiliates. Although over the years they started to become drug addicts and mostly broke off all there ties.

Henry-Well soldiers. That third gang must have been pretty heavy to have been in that rumble. I know that the Riffs were big. But I didn?t think they could beat out the Thrones. Someone turn on the radio. I want to hear if they heard about our rumble yet.

A Saint flipped it on, the D.J. was talking about a rumble that was done close by. It had been done in Clason Point . It was near Castle Hill a bit. The gang in Clason Point was the Red Bar Smokers. They were a new set with not that many soldiers they had already had run ins with the Riders. There turf was from Lacombe Avenue and to the south until Patterson Avenue. But mostly they had been fighting the gang from the southside of Clason?s point. The Night Hunters. The Hunters had a truce with the Riders for a bit until they kind of broke off. They didn?t fight the Riders still though. They were two busy taking care of there own problems with the Smokers.

D.J.-Apparently. Down in Clason Point. Some of the Smokers had gotten sick of the Hunters trying to pull moves off on there new turf. A couple of Hunters were wrecked and the Smokers were able to celebrate a victory. The Smokers are starting to show there colors but they are sandwiched between the The Hunters and the West Beach Riders. Speaking of the Riders over in Castle Hill. The Norton Avenue Saints pulled out a huge win over them. The gangs had it out last night and a lot of players from the Riders were taken out. Including a Lt. The Saints were able to gain some ground and the Riders moral has been very low lately. The Saints are coming up in this town. Good luck boppers.

The Saints cheered after the news. Henry was worried about the other two gangs mentioned. He had heard about the Hunters. They were a bunch of all black wearing Satanists. They basically worshipped the dark. Their leader was some guy who as they say drinks blood and only comes out at night. He was some freak. They didn?t like other gangs on there turf. He had never heard of the smokers. He wanted to see what they were all about. Maybe the leader would want to talk about relations. He decided he would go over there. He saw Carter and Mark walk into the room.

Henry-Ok. Here?s what we are going to do. Get Tommy and Burt and meet me over at Lacombe Ave. We are going over to Clason?s Point. I want to meet with these Smokers.

Henry didn?t want to take his muscle. He didn?t want to impose, he wanted it to be a friendly meeting. If the Smokers wanted war with them they would have it. But if they wanted peace, the Saints would gladly accept. He left Bill and Frank in charge and left the hangout. He walked down Screvin Ave. nodding to the patrols of three as he passed. He saw a guy pass him they looked in each others eyes. The man held nothing reproachful and nodded in greeting. Henry smiled back and nodded. The man went into his apartment building. Apparently the neighborhood wasn?t to angry with the war last night. He should build off of it. As he walked on he saw the four Saints waiting for them. Last night before he fell asleep about six Riders came in. They ripped there colors off and wanted to join the Saints. Henry let them but kept them under eye. He walked on and met with Carter, Mark and Tommy and Burt.

Tommy-So whats the deal. Why we going on to these punks turf. We already had a battle today. I don?t want two
Carter-Be quiet and do as warlord tells you
Henry-We are going to go over there. Not as a war party. No one is packed. We just want to meet them. Don?t attack unless attacked first. Come on lets get moving.

The five Saints were about to go when about five Riders stood across the street looking at them. Just as the Riders were about to attack a patrol of three Saints walked up and looked at the Riders. Immediately the Riders turned and ran. The three Saints stayed there while Henry?s party walked down there side of the street of As they walked they went over a bridge over Puggley?s Creek. As soon as they crossed they could tell it wasn?t there turf anymore. They saw a huge burner on the side of a building. It had a green back round with white lettering. It read SMOKERS and there was a cigarette painted under the ERS with smoke coming from it. Burt ran up and looked at it.

Burt-These guys have a very talented writer. I haven?t seen this much detail in a while. If they are as friendly as this burner is good then we have a good chance of an ally.
Henry-Lets just hope on that Burt.

The Saints continued down the street. They crossed two more streets and came to Leland Ave. They decided to turn there. They turned left and walked down a bit. They made it to Patterson Ave. They were about to turn when about ten guys walked up. They weren?t packed though. They all had green vests on. Some of them had black jeans, some had green. Henry spread his hands as a signal of peace. The two gangs were about thirty feet from each other. Henry and Mark walked up as two Smokers walked towards them. They were a little smaller than Henry but they could bop if they lasted this long.

Smoker 1-Hey man. We don?t like it if you come soldiering down our turf.
Henry-Don?t worry man. We aren?t soldiering. We?re coming in peace. We actually wanted to see you guys.
Smoker 1-About what?
Henry-About your gang. You guys are new and so are we. We have turf close by here. We just wanted to see if you guys were going to try to soldier in any time soon.
Smoker 1-No man we weren?t planning on it. We have been to busy trying to take this area. At this point you guys aren?t a threat and we don?t want to make you guys one.
Henry-Hey that?s cool man. Do you think we could go meet your leader? I just want to talk. We don?t even have to go to your hang out. We could meat right here man.
Smoker 1- Naw man. Just come with us. We?ll have you there. Its just right down this street.

Henry signaled the rest of the Saints to follow them. None of the Smokers gave them hostile looks. They all seemed easy going and relaxed. Some of them nodded at the Saints. As they walked down the street they saw some guys in all black stare at them. The Smokers looked at them and the rival gang dispersed so they wouldn?t get attacked. Compared to the Riders this gangs uniform was clean. They had white lettering on the back of there vests with the word SMOKERS on it. It had a nice touch with some cigarettes under it with smoke coming out. It looked nice and none of the soldiers looked like they were stoned. As they came up to a doorway the leader knocked. The door opened and they all shuffled inside. They were all dressed in long sleeve shirts because of the weather. Even the Saints had jackets on over there vests. The hangout was an abandoned apartment building. It was a small one though with three floors. It was nice and heated. There hangout was being worked on so they could get a heater in. It would be up soon.
The Saints were led into the elevator. Only the leader went into it with them. They went up to the third floor. They got out and walked down the hallway. They opened a door and came into a room. It was big and there was a desk T.V. and other stuff. Four people stood there. One was sitting behind a desk. He was a black guy about a year older than Henry. He looked muscular and

Smoker-Hello. A runner had been sent ahead. I am all ready aware of who you are. Please sit down. I am sure we have much to discuss.
Henry sat down and so did Carter the other Saints walked around the room and sat down on some chairs that were scattered around.
Smoker-Good now that we are all settled. My name is Malcom. I run this clique.
Henry-My name is Henry, I run the Saints. We are located in the south of Castle Hill. Its to the east of here.
Malcom-Yes I am aware of where it is. The Riders used to own that area of land right?
Henry-Used to is the key word there my man.
Malcom-It would appear so. Haha. Well oh well with the formalities. I heard the report on the radio earlier. You guys are at war.
Henry-Yeah you got that right.
Malcom-Well we have been getting some japs from the Riders ourselves for a while. I think the Hunters and Riders are looking to start a truce again.
Henry-That?s what I am worried about. Most likely if they do that both of our gangs could be destroyed. I am hoping that you could see the reason in this and want to keep a peace between our two sets.
Malcom-You have a good idea going. What are you planning?
Henry-We could help each other out. Our sets don?t roll too deep. And it would be nice to have some back up stored away in case of a battle. We aren?t to far from each other. And you guys have had trouble with our enemies. We would also help you guys against the Hunters also. Any trouble you have and we will help.
Malcom-That sounds good. Real good. How bout we exchange numbers. I will reflect on this meeting for the day. I am glad you came to me. Especially in peace. We could use an ally in this war. Now then if you would all excuse me I must think. My soldiers will escort you back to your turf. There will be know attacks from us on your set. Have a nice day. I will call you soon.
With that, the Saints left the Smokers hangout and back to there turf. Henry hoped that he would be receiving a call from Malcom.

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Posted: Thu Aug 24, 2006 1:35 am
by Warriorsnest
it is going to be a while for the next entry. School and football is wearing me out. But those of you who actually read my story. dont worry i wont let it die.

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Posted: Fri Aug 25, 2006 4:13 pm
by KingOfTheWarlords
Nice story :D keep it up ;)

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Posted: Sun Aug 27, 2006 12:06 am
by GramercyRiff99
This is great. Thanks for the reference to my story man :). I'm looking forward to the next entry.

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Posted: Sun Aug 27, 2006 6:45 am
by Warriorsnest
Finally i was able to add another entry. It took a while though. Oh and hey Gramercy. You did it with my fic so I had to return the favor. Lol.

February 16 1974 10:08 p.m.

Henry sat in the hangout with Frank and Mark. They Frank had just gotten back off of patrol. The Riders had seemed to really pull back, they hardly had seen anymore today. They stayed on there side of the street and nothing big happened. Three more members had joined up today. They were all muscle, it seemed that at the gym that Frank trained at the guys there were interested. The only bad thing was that it was in Rider territory. The boys sat there listening to rock music on the radio. Henry hadn?t left the hangout all day. He was waiting for a call from Malcom and his gang of soldiers. Henry was about to give up hope. He thought Malcom might refuse his request of alliance, just when he was about to give up the phone rang. Henry jumped for it.

Malcom-Hey man, this is Malcom.
Henry-Hey man what?s happening.
Malcom-Well I?m going to take you up on your offer to team up. I wanted to know if we could go and take down some Hunters. I wanted to gain some leverage on them. If you help us with this we?ll help you against the Riders. You down?
Henry-Yeah man we?re down.
Malcom-Ok man. Round up a couple soldiers and a writer. We?re going to need him.
Henry-Ok man. We?ll meet you at your place.
Henry hung up the phone and rounded up some soldiers. He decided to bring Frank and Bill as muscle and Carter as a soldier. He found Burt and they headed off. Burt grabbed a bunch of cans of paint and put it into his bag. They headed up Screvin Avenue and turned left on Lacombe Avenue. They walked until they crossed the bridge and saw Malcom standing there with three Smokers.

Henry-Ok man we?re here what do you need?
Malcom-I want to show the Hunters that we are united. They know about you guys because they saw you with us. They are worried and not sure what is going to happen. Our patrols spotted a burner on there side of the street. I wanted to take it out, but it would just be painted over. So I decided to make them worry. We are going to do a unity tag. Where our to writers would make a burner using both of our names. After that we are going to go to war. And take all of the streets down to O?Brien Avenue.
Henry-Malcom?.no offence but we just came out of battle. My soldiers are exhausted and our patrols are all we have out. Most of them are injured, we cant afford to much.
Malcom-That is why I only called a few of you out here. I knew you were tired already. We had heard on the radio what happened. We could hear it from here. I sent out a couple of scouts to see the battle. Your turf is now on our street too. You have less ground that us but you have a better position. My gangs goal is to wipe out the Hunters and have the southside of Clason?s point. You have the southside of castle hill and don?t have enemies coming at your from both directions. I have Tomahawks from the north who we are sort of at war with, and Hunters from the south. I want to take the Hunters first but we are at a deadlock. They have a whole lot of soldiers patrolling the street in front of us. I am planning on waiting a couple of days and going to war. We are at least thirty soldiers strong, they are at least fifty. So if you can spare at least fifteen soldiers we will be good.
Henry-I can get you at least that in a couple days. More are joining up daily. At this rate we will be forty strong and we will have enough to spare. So what are we going to do tonight?
Malcom-We are going to set a burner up. Like I said a unity burner. We are going to do it on their side of Paterson Avenue. My soldiers are going to set up a distraction down the street. Your writer and Mickey here are going to lay down the burner. I want it featuring both of our symbols. Now I will leave you guys to get acquainted I have to go set up the distraction. You guys start heading over to the wall. Mickey knows where it is.

Henry looked over at Mickey he was a short Hispanic boy a little smaller than Mark was. He looked a little raw but he was a good writer. Which was all that mattered.

Mickey-Well guys. Lets start.

They started walking down Underhill Avenue. Burt immediately got along with Mickey. They chatted away like old friends about where they tagged and what names they rolled under. It seemed that Burt had actually known one of Mickey?s friends. They made it to Patterson Avenue. The Smokers hangout was right down the street. They were supposed to stand in front of it waiting for the signal. Although Malcom never told them what it was going to be. Just as Henry started to have second thoughts he saw a small flame fly through the air. Then an explosion sounded down the street a car was on fire. The soldiers ran across the street where the wall was. No Hunters were insight, so the two writers began.
The burner was huge, it was at least ten feet wide and eight feet wide. The boys had at least twenty cans of paint on them they immediately started painting a backround of black. After that Mickey went to the left and pulled out a can of green spray. On the left Burt had brought out a white. They started to make the gangs burners, just as they were finishing up they heard footsteps come up. Three Hunters walked up with bats.

Henry-You guys keep painting. Let us handle this.

Henry and Carter took one and Bill and Frank took one each. Henry ducked under the bat that had been swung but it had gone over his head and hit Carter in the chest. He went down with a gasp and layed there. Henry speared the Hunter and sat on top of him he looked down and saw what he was holding. This guys head was shaved except for a ponytail on the very top of his head. The guy bared his teeth and it appeared his teeth had been filed down into points. Henry let go with a gasp, which let the Hunter knee him in the crotch. Henry rolled off of him groaning in pain. Frank had taken his down easily. He sidestepped a swing from the bat and punched the Hunter in the face, then he kneed him in the stomach and hit him in the head. The soldier fell down and Frank brought his foot down on his back. He picked up the bat and hit the Hunter who Bill was squaring off with in the back of the head. As he fell forward Bill brought his knee up and smashed him in the nose as he fell. Bill picked up his back and turned to the others. The Hunter had hit Henry in the stomach with the bat and was waiting for Carter to come to his knees. Just as he was about to bring the bat down on his head Frank swung the bat at his back. Then Bill swung it at his legs. They took turns hitting the fallen Hunter. They helped Carter and Henry to their feet and they turned to the writers who were just finishing up.
The burner was amazing. The boys had made the two names separate but there was in the middle a baseball bat and a chain crossed behind a shield. And they shield was separated into four where in the top left was a switch blade. The top right was a cigarette and the bottom left held two praying hands and the bottom right contained a flaming sword. Under it all in fancy cursive letters said UNITED.

Henry-Excellent work guys. Come on lets get out of here. Mickey tell Malcom that we did his job. Tell him to call me tomorrow, we are going back to our turf before the cops come.

Henry started to walk off with his soldiers but turned around and looked back at the burner. It symbolized a lot of what was to come. He only hoped this was for the best and not a stupid move that would bring the world crashing down around him. He was also worried about these Hunters. They looked like vampires he saw in the movies. They actually scared him. He didn?t want to let the others no that but still. What had he gotten himself into.

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Posted: Wed Aug 30, 2006 3:33 am
by Warriorsnest
Finally got another entry in.

February 27, 1974 4:06 p.m.
Henry had been meeting with Malcom the past couple days, the soldiers were getting to know each other. Often you would see patrols greeting each other on the street. The Smokers would come by and hang out. It was actually getting pretty cool. Malcom didn?t come much because he had to protect his turf way more than Henry did. They both respected each other and what they brought to the table. Riders had been attacking lately too but not as much. There were tags all over there turf, Burt had been busy. Making new ones up for them. Henry walked out of his hangout to see if anything was going on, he saw Tommy and Bill standing there.

Henry-What?s up guys?
Bill-Nothing man. We were just thinking about going off of our turf and checking out some girls man.
Henry-How far are they away from here?
Tommy-They have a place on Homer Avenue.
Henry-That?s Rider turf man and you know that.
Bill-Hey man we met them last night over at a store. They gave us there number and told us to come by sometime.
Henry-Who?s going?
Tommy-Me, Bill, Burt, and Frank.
Henry-Ok, I want Frank as warchief, Tommy act as scout, Bill muscle and Burt is just going to soldier. Tell Burt to throw up at least one tag though in the heart of there territory. It will get them so angry. I guess I?ll see you guys later. Call if your having trouble.
The four Saints walked the length of Norton Avenue and turned onto Zerega Avenue. They stayed to the ally?s as they walked towards on toward Homer Avenue. They went street by street when they saw the coast was clear. They made it onto Seward Avenue and waited in the ally. They could see across the street in the other ally. A bunch of Riders were standing in it. At least five in all, they weren?t packed though.

Tommy-So what now. What are we going to do?
Frank-Lets just smash them.
Bill-That aint going to work.
Frank-Come on we?ve done it before.
Bill-We are in the heart of Rider territory. There is know telling how many others there are.
Frank-Ok then. What do you suggest we do?
Bill-Just wait and watch.

The four boys waited. Three of the Riders walked off on patrol, and the other two were left standing in the ally. Bill looked at the other three. He told them to wait here, and walked into the street. The two Riders saw him and started to chase after him. He went back into the ally and the other three attacked. Frank tackled one into the ground and Tommy and Burt both had picked up pieces of wood on the ground. Burt tripped him and as he went down Tommy brought the piece down on this head. They proceeded to kick him, while Bill started to stomp on the one Frank was holding down. They stood up and brushed themselves off. They picked up the unconscious Riders and threw them into a dumpster.

Frank-Burt mark the spot. Lets go.

Burt climbed onto the dumpster a put a burner up of the Saints. He climbed down and one by one they ran across the street. They continued to walk down the ally and they saw a girl standing there. She motioned them to follow her. They grinned at each other and followed her into a door into the side of a building. As they climbed up the stairs they could here music. They opened the door and what seemed like heaven greeted them, girls were everywhere. The girl motioned with her hands and they all spread out. Pretty soon every Saint was with a girl, it was going fine for a while. The girls seemed to be happy and so were the guys. They guys weren?t paying attention to anything at all. Burt got up from his girl to go grab a drink, that?s when he noticed one of the girls locking a door, then he noticed the windows were barred. He looked around and saw some of the girls leave the room. There were two unopened doors leading into the room. He looked around the room and saw a dresser type thing. He walked over and there was a picture on it. He picked it up, it showed a couple girls with none other than four Riders.

Burt-Oh man we gotta get out of here now!

Just as he said that the doors burst open six Riders ran into the room. Burt picked up a beer bottle and smashed it over the head of one. Tommy dived at the knees of another one and he fell over through the coffee table. Bill stood up but two Riders tackled him over the couch. Frank picked up one of the table legs and swung it at another Rider. However he ducked and he felt a fist him in the stomach. He doubled over and a knee came into his face.
Burt had tipped the dresser onto the Rider he smashed and jumped to help Tommy who was struggling on top of the broken table. He picked up a lamp and brought it down over the head of the Rider. He fell unconscious and he kicked him in the chest a couple times. Tommy got up and pulled out a blade. He ran over and stabbed a Rider kicking Frank in the side, he groaned and fell to the ground. Burt grabbed the other one and started to choke him, but he was thrown over the shoulders of the Rider. Tommy had lost the blade when it fell from his hands and started to swing at the Rider. He connected with a couple hits in the face. But was kicked in the stomach and brought to the ground, Frank stood up and punched the Rider in the face a couple times. He then kicked the fallen Rider in the face.
The three Saints turned towards where Bill was fighting, he was getting beat up in the corner. One of the Riders had there belt out and was whipping him. Frank jumped over the couch and grabbed the belt and started to choke the Rider with it. Tommy and Burt jumped back over the couch and through the Rider back through the door they came from. They followed him in only to see more Riders. They took off and bashed through the door with Bill and Frank right behind them. They ran down the alley and found an opening. They kept running until they reached Virgil drive. They ducked behind a dumpster when they saw at least fifteen Riders run by. Bill got up and saw a payphone. He ran over and put a dime in it. Henry answered.

Bill-No time to talk, send someone over to Virgil drive, hurry up we?re in trouble.

Bill hung up and ran back with the others.
Frank-So whats up?
Bill-We are going to get help somehow.
Tommy-I hope so. I bet they have all kinds of Riders out here looking for us.

They waited four about ten more minutes. A car passed them and stopped by the payphone. Someone they didn?t recognize got out of the car. They stared at him. When he walked by he saw he was dressed in white and black. They got out of the shadows and looked at him.

Guy-Come on. Henry sent me. Lets go.

The boys climbed into the car. Just as twenty Riders ran out down the street. The car squealed out and took off back to Norton Avenue. They would live to fight another day. Although they all thought what was the point. They would get wasted at some point in all of this. They looked back and saw all the Riders standing there. They laughed to themselves. They wouldn?t admit to each other that they were scared.

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by Warriorsnest
The next entry after this one will contain the war. Stay tuned.

May 13, 1974. 11:04 a.m.
The Saints had gotten bigger in the last two months. They had been making moves and the Riders were being pushed back farther and farther. It was almost rare to see a Rider walking around these days. If one was outside he would be accompanied by about six people. The end was coming for them, it was all or never now. The warlord had actually been seen one or two times. The Smokers had been doing well also. They were still deadlocked with the Hunters, however that was going to change soon. Henry had promised once the Riders were taken care of the Hunters would be the next to go.  The Riders turf ended at Quimby Avenue. And they had part of the shopping mall and everything south. Henry wasn?t sure who claimed above that however. He knew that the final rumble between the Riders and Saints would come soon, if they won they would have the entire Castle Hill which was about ten blocks worth of turf. He was going to challenge them soon, he just wasn?t sure how he was going to do it. He wanted it to happen today. He was sick of all the japs and bops that had been happening. He wanted it to end here and now. He wanted to send an emissary somehow, he wasn?t sure how he was going to do it. He called Mark over and he walked over down there turf to Lacombe Avenue, they saw a couple Riders there. Henry called to them.

Henry-You Riders. I need to talk to your war lord. Its important.
Rider-Oh yeah? Why should we?
Henry-Because if not we?ll wreck you right here.
Rider-Oh yeah? Only you two? Against six of us?

As the Rider said that Frank, Bill, Tommy, Carter and Burt walked up. They stood next to Henry and stared down the Riders. Just then even more Riders started to come down the street to join the rest. The Saints heard footsteps behind them, Henry turned to look. At least twenty Saints had walked up behind them.

Rider-Fine. I?ll go get him. You just wait here. If you try anything we?ll come down on you.
Frank-I?d like to see you try.
Bill-Calm down Frank. We don?t need this right now. We?ll take care of it later.
Henry-I?m going to challenge all the Riders tonight. Tonight will be our night, Saints will rule Castle Hill after this.

As he said this fifteen more Saints walked up behind the already large group there. It was forty three Saints against fifty Riders standing there. The only thing though was that that was almost the Riders entire army. Only the lieutenants weren?t there. Henry had at least twenty more Saints around here. As he looked around some more he saw the crowd of Riders start to part, three men walked through. All of them were tattooed up and were about twenty five years old each. Henry walked up with Bill Frank and Carter. The soldiers met in the street between the two armies.

Rider Warlord-So what did you want little man?
Henry-I wanted to challenge you all.
Rider Warlord-What? Your measly  gang against my army?
Henry-In case you have been under a rock for the past half of a year. Your so called army has lost turf. Lost soldiers, and has been getting beat down on a daily basis by my men.
Rider Warlord-Whatever. I?ve been to busy for all that crap. Now are we going to rumble?
Henry-Yeah we are. And I have the place picked out. It will be at Castle Hill park, midnight tonight. Are you guys down?
Rider Warlord-Yeah of course we are. I?ll see you and your boys at midnight. I hope your all ready to be wrecked.

With that the warlords and lieutenants dispersed and went back to there hangouts to plan for the upcoming battle. The two gangs kept staring each other down until finally the Riders backed off and went back down there turf. Everyone was nervous, it always happened before a rumble. They tried not to show it but the air was tense for the rest of the day. Henry knew that it was all or nothing now. He had confidence in his soldiers, he knew he had a great chance in this war. All he had to do was wait, for him the day seemed the slowest day of the year. All he did was wait and wait and wait??

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Posted: Thu Aug 31, 2006 4:52 pm
by GramercyRiff99
Damn cliffhangers. Just kidding, I'm looking forwards to the next chapter. Hope to see those Riders get what's coming to them.

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Posted: Thu Aug 31, 2006 7:23 pm
by socialreject
you are a very good writer these fight scenes are top keep it up

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Posted: Fri Sep 01, 2006 2:09 am
by Warriorsnest
sorry to everyone who was waiting for the rumble. I had to lead up to it with a bit more stuff first.

10:30 p.m. later that day.
Henry walked down all around his turf by himself, he thought back to when it all first started. Would he change what he did? No. What?s past is past, the future was now, he would either win or die. It would all end here, either for him or the Riders. He past all his patrols they all seemed nervous. He stopped to talk with everyone he met, motivating him. As he reached the end of Norton Avenue an old man came out the one of the buildings. He spotted Henry and headed over.

Old man-Looks like their might be a storm tonight.
Henry-You don?t say?
Old man-Yup, and you know what I?m talking about.
Henry-How do you think?
Old man-Because just by looking at the streets. All of you boys are tense, I know something is going to happen tonight. I can feel it, it was just like when I was a boy. I used to rumble myself you know. Not around here though, some other city. I cant remember what its called. Just so you know that this stuff doesn?t last forever. You may think your king now. But it can all come crashing to a halt. I am not going to tell you to stop what your doing. I am going to tell you that to be careful, not all the people you think as friends will stay with you forever. And also I know exactly what is going to happen if you succeed tonight. You think its going to stop, but no there will be more gangs and more turf wars, you will be lucky to see the end of it all. Look kid, if none of this has registered yet just think about it. And if you ever need a spot to lay low from the gang stuff just come to my apartment. See you later.

Henry watched as the old man walked off. How did he know about tonight? Did the cops know? Was he a cop? He shook his head and continued walking he turned right and eventually made his way to the park where the rumble would be held. He walked in through a gate and walked through it until he reached the spot where they first rumbled big. He saw Mark sitting on the last unbroken swing. Henry walked over and sat down on the slide.

Henry-What?s on your mind man?
Mark-Nothing at all man.
Henry-Come on just tell me.
Mark-Well I?ve just been thinking. Since we started this I have barely had a peaceful day in my life. It seems that we are always at war now. I cant even go over to my brothers house because of turf. Its horrible.
Henry-Well if we win this you will be able to go.
Mark-Yeah but will it end there? I mean come on its just one gang in a thousand. Henry I?m afraid man.
Henry-Come on. Don?t be.
Mark-Henry I?m afraid I?m not going to make it out of this one man. It was luck with the other rumbles.
Henry-I promise nothing will happen to you.

As he said that Bill, Frank, Tommy and Carter walked up. They sat down or leaned on pieces of equipment. They all looked serious and solemn.

Henry-What?s up guys.
Bill-Nothing. We?re all getting prepared for this.
Frank-Yeah man. We are going to take out these Riders once and for all man.
Tommy-Heck yeah. We?re all ready.
Carter-We follow you warlord.
Henry-Listen, we are the original Saints, I have decided that you will be marching with me in the front. If anything happens to me I want Carter to take over. He can keep his head. If he is taken out then its Frank. And then Bill. Then Tommy, and if it comes to it you Mark. I want you all to go get all of the soldiers and bring them here. I want to hold down this area until nightfall I am going to wait here for a while.

The lieutenants walked off and Henry sat there waiting for his army. He looked around at the park, it had trees every where. Walked around a bit and stretched. He looked back towards the entrance and saw a mass of black and white coming towards him. He smiled and waited, pretty soon the mass was to him. There was at least sixty Saints standing there.
Henry-Well guys this is it. It is now time to show what these punks are made of. I know some of you wont make it out of here, but I know we can do this. We?ve grown and are stronger. These Riders haven?t done anything big in a while. They are a bunch of cowards and junkies. After we are through with them we will have all of this. Just fight your hardest. This rumble will be for the Saints. Nobody else.

Re: Norton Avenue Saints

Posted: Wed Sep 06, 2006 1:46 am
by SixteenM16s
this is a very well written story. ive enjoyed all of your entrys. keep it up id love to read more.

Re: Norton Avenue Saints

Posted: Sun Sep 10, 2006 1:16 am
by Warriorsnest
be patient boppers the rumble will be soon

Re: Norton Avenue Saints

Posted: Thu Sep 21, 2006 5:39 am
by Warriorsnest
Here it is the rumble. Not my best work but i tried. Even though people on this could right ten sentences and get a hundred great jobs i love your story. Even though they mispelled every other word.

11:56 p.m.
The Saints stood there waiting for the Riders to come. They were all nervous standing there. He looked over at Frank and Bill standing with a couple of soldiers. Carter was talking to Tommy and it looked important, Burt was talking with Mark. Henry walked over to them two. He stood there chatting with them a bit about the rumble. Until finally he saw mass of Riders start coming up. All of the Saints turned to meet them, the two gangs were twenty feet away from each other and staring each other down. The Rider leader walked forward and so did Henry.

Rider Warlord-So how do you want this?
Henry-Until all are wasted or give up. No retreats.
Rider Warlord-Fine.

The two leaders went back to their gangs and gave out final instructions. Henry looked down at his watch

11:59 p.m.
Henry-Ok lets go.
The two gangs started walking towards each other. As far as the eye could see you could see everyone was packed. Henry saw the warlord stay back, Henry jumped right in. Bodies were hitting the floor around him. He picked out one guy and went after him. The guy was holding a bat. He ducked the swing and hit him in the stomach. Then he grabbed him and threw him down. The bat fell out of the Riders hands and Henry grabbed it. He swung it down and hit the Rider in the back. He turned and saw three guys on one of his soldiers he hit one in the head but he was tackled and he felt feat and fists start to hit him. He rolled out from under the pile and stood up. It was utter chaos. He saw Mark get knocked down from a punch to the face but the guy who did it immediately had a chain wrapped around his throat. Henry saw another Rider beating someone against a tree Henry ran over and hit him in the leg with his bat. Tommy flew forward and fell on the guy. He was bleeding but he seemed ok because he was hitting the Rider on the ground. Henry ran and stood up on a picnic table to look around. There were lights everywhere so it seemed like daytime. It looked deadlocked. He could barely tell anyways. A Rider climbed onto the table but Henry swung the bat down on his back. He kicked him off of it and looked around again. Another Rider jumped on and tried to tackle him but he swung the bat upwards and caught him in the chin. Just as he was about to finish him off he was tackled off of the table. It felt like slow motion as he flew off and landed onto a tipped over trash can. He laid there for a bit because no one was hitting him.
He saw Carter holding a Rider as Frank hit him in the face. Bill was being held against a tree as a Rider worked him over. Mark seemed to have recovered because he was holding a two by four and brought it down on the back of the guy who was hitting Bill. Mark turned and hit the other Rider in the face. Bill turned and took out the other one who was holding him. Henry stood up and saw a trash can lying on the ground. He picked it up and charged at six Riders who were beating down two of his soldiers. He brought it down on ones head the threw it at another one. He turned to a third one and punched him in the stomach then the face. He kneed a Rider in the face who was getting up after getting hit with the trash can. Frank ran up and started to stomp the fallen Rider. Henry turned and punched another one in the face. He saw a Rider run by and he tripped him. He sat on top of him and started to punch him. He was booted off and he expected to be hit but Carter had come and broken a bottle over the Riders head. He stood back up and saw that two Saints were holding a Rider as another one punched him. He screamed at them to concentrate on more guys than just one. They turned from the guy and went there separate ways. Henry was pushed and he started to roll down an incline. He found himself in sand, when he looked around he realized it was the same place where they had fought Ace and some other Riders. Four Riders started to run towards him, but one stumbled and was tackled to the ground. None of the three coming were armed. Henry looked around and saw a chain on the ground. He picked it up and swung it at one of the Riders. He caught him in the side of the head and the Rider fell, the other two tackled him to the ground. He felt the boots hitting his stomach and chest. He saw he was still holding the chain. He wrapped it around of the legs of the Rider and pulled. He fell to the ground and Henry turned and kicked the remaining Rider in the stomach. He brought a bunch of the chain cupped in his hands and swung up with a double handed upper cut. The Rider fell back and wouldn’t get back up. Henry turned to the other one he had tripped and started to whip him with it.
After a while he ran back up the incline to join the battle. He started to see way more Saints than Riders. He grabbed a rider and held him as one of his soldiers hit him in the stomach with a bat. He dropped him and a chain wrapped around his neck. He couldn’t breath and started to lose consciousness. He kept trying to kick out but after a while he was about to give up. Just as the chain loosened on his neck. He fell forward onto the ground. Someone stepped on him and he groaned, and rolled over onto his back. He was dazed but not out. He crawled to his feat for what seemed like the tenth time today.
He looked and saw Frank and Carter fighting lieutenants and he ran over to help. He grabbed one of them and held him as Frank punched him in the face three times. Carter was thrown back until Frank picked up a two by four and hit the Rider in the back with it. Henry stomped on him until he stopped moving, they turned and looked at the warlord. He smiled and picked up a baseball bat.
The three boys attacked him. Carter hit him in the face but he swung the baseball bat and connected with his head. Carter went down and stopped moving. Frank kicked him in the back and started to punch him in the head. The warlord grabbed him and kneed him in the gut until Henry jumped onto him holding his neck. The warlord threw him off of him. Henry rolled over on the ground and pulled out his knife. He got up and stabbed the warlord but he moved and kicked him in the face. Frank grabbed his legs and tripped him Henry stood up and started to kick his head. Carter got up and picked the bat and started to hit him. Henry looked around for the knife, and picked it up. He stabbed him in the stomach. He handed the knife to Frank and he stabbed him in the heart. They stood over the body of the warlord. Soon the word got around to the Riders that there warlord was dead. They took off running to the fence.

Henry-Stop them we don’t want any to escape.

The Saints chased after the fleeing Riders. There was maybe about thirty running from sixty Saints. Just as they were reaching the fence all the Riders stopped running. There was a mass of green standing there. Malcom was in front. The Red Bar Smokers had come to make sure everything was settled. They stood between the Riders and the fence. Henry walked towards Malcom.

Henry-Thanks. If they escaped the Riders would have gotten a new leader.
Malcom-I know man. I know. That’s why we showed up. If you guys had gotten wrecked we would have finished the job. We didn’t want the Riders in power. It was just an insurance policy.
Henry-So is the truce still on?
Malcom-For now it is. We don’t see why you guys should be enemies.
Henry-Cool. Thanks for the help. We can finish this.
Malcom-All right.
Henry-Ok all of you Riders. You have two choices throw down your colors and surrender or you get wasted.

All of the Riders dropped there colors. Castle Hill was now all Saints territory. It was a matter of time until they had all of the city. Except Henry wondered what his knew neighbors would think. He would have Tomakawks to the west but he wasn’t sure who was north. He just hoped he wouldn’t have to have another war. He was getting sick of all the fighting he had to do. Maybe he never should have battled the Riders. Oh well. Only time will tell.

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Posted: Thu Sep 21, 2006 6:34 pm
by GramercyRiff99
That was pretty awesome. I especially liked the Smokers coming in at the end. Two thumbs up.

Also, just so you know, I haven't abandoned The Patriots. There's just a lot of stuff going on in my life right now (most of it bad), so I haven't been able to update.

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Posted: Thu Sep 21, 2006 9:13 pm
by SixteenM16s
yeah man that was really good :D ive been waitin to read it. good job, good job