Basketball 2007-2008 Season

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Re: Basketball 2007-2008 Season

Postby The Swan » Thu Nov 29, 2007 10:06 pm

Hi guys, always speaking about NBA... and Warriors... what about Golden State Warriors? Well I can watch the matches and check the standings here from Italy, but it's different in USA... I mean you've a 100% "visual"... so any "rumors" about GSW, is it a good team... any real Ring expectation? (I don't think so, but can you only imagine The Warriors... NBA Champs? :D) Well, today they're 7-7 0.500... so... and what about the Italian Warrior Belinelli? :mrgreen:
By the way, what about Bargnani (2nd NBA Season) and the Raptors? How is he really playing, better last season or this one? 8)
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