Jimi Hendrix

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Re: Jimi Hendrix

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Just thought id bump the threasd since Hendrix is one of the true talents of our time. His guitar playing is right there with Richie Blackmore, Phil Lynott or Eric Clapton. Like all the Foever 27 club members I love his music.

The album that was mentioned before " I woke up this Morning and Found myself Dead " , its the only Hendrix album NOT acknowledged by the Hendrix estate, which was recorded live at The Scene nightclub in New York way back in 1968 has Jimi playing as Jim Morrision ( tries ) to sing. Morrisons Lement .... which has Jimi playing while Jim Morrison stumbles all over himself as Jimi plays. Jim is so hammered he cant really be understood. Theres a story behind it too. Supposedly Janis Joplin was in the crowd at the concert. After the show Jim Morrison leaned into Janis's limo and barfed on her, Janis didnt like that so she konked Jim Morrison over his head with a bottle of Southern Comfort.

Anyways, to imagine having 3 members of the Forever 27 club in the same concert hall muct have been steller.

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