SETLIST - The Best songs of QUEEN

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SETLIST - The Best songs of QUEEN

Postby RRA » Fri Mar 02, 2007 3:16 pm

They were quite derided by anti-establishment rock fans, especially members of the evolving Punk Rock era in the late 1970s and early 80s, as the living embodiments of the very loud, very big, very substantially-empty lyrics, and very successfull no matter what was released. Yet now, they are recognized for being pioneers in composing songs that were designed to allow audience interaction with the band during concerts. Not to mention that they were one of the greatest live acts in the annals of rock. 

Queen were a talented troupe of players. bassist John Deacon, drummer Roger Taylor, guitarist and primary song-writer Brian May. All who delivered memorable tunes. However, the lynchpin and soul of Queen was of course the very charismatic, and very homosexual, leadsinger Freddie Mercury. The voice of the vast majority of the band's catalogue, his death from AIDS in 1991 effectively ended the band's existence. 
Queen was the first rock act that I got into, as a kid. Certainly I've (hopefully) much evolved since then as a rock listener, but they still have a remarkable spot on my setlist. Still, I caught a concert of their 2005 "Queen + Paul Rodgers" tour. Quite a blast.

Anyway, we count down from #16 to #1, where the tunes and their album of origin will be listed, and I'll give my arguments for their placements. Plus, I'll add Youtube music videos that will help jog memories, and help encourage people to totally attack my list.

MISSED THE CUT: [b] Tunes from Queen that came close to making my list, but failed to make the cut.

We Will Rock You (NEWS OF THE WORLD)
The Show Must Go On (INNUENDO)
Fat Bottomed Girls (JAZZ)
Bicycle Race (JAZZ)
A Kind of Magic (A KIND OF MAGIC)
One Vision (A KIND OF MAGIC)
Seven Seas of Rhye (QUEEN)
Tie Your Mother Down (A DAY AT THE RACES)

Now onto the SETLIST for QUEEN!

[b] (16) Flash (FLASH GORDON)

FLASH GORDON is an infamously campy 1980 movie that producer Dino DeLaurentiis released in the wake of STAR WARS. Certainly I need to review this movie sometime, since while its amazingly baffling in its sillyness, its fun to watch in the crazy bad movie sort of way. Six-packs help to ease this realization. 
DeLaurenttis commissioned Queen to score the film's soundtrack.

While on the crest of the amazing success of their albums THE GAME and NEWS OF THE WORLD, it seemed to be a winning formula.

Of course it didn't work. The movie flopped, and the soundtrack followed suit. However, the otherwise unremarkable soundtrack did have an opening track thats so cheesy, its Velvetta personified. Its also hard to avoid. In a way, its placement in the animated opening credits is like a friendly warning for the movie itself. Either you're on board, or you're screwed. Me? I admit I enjoy it. It charted at #10 in the UK charts.  Flash

(15) I'm Going Slightly Mad (INNUENDO)

An underrated and off-beat Queen tune, it appears to be a humorous soft rift about going nuts. Yet a very reasonable argument can be made that while in the midst of his AIDS-induced dementia, Mercury was writing/singing about his suffering. Then another theory is that he wanted an excuse to be paid while wearing a banana-wig for the music video. I think they're all correct.  I'm Going Slightly Mad

(14) I'm in Love with My Car (A NIGHT AT THE OPERA)

The title is goofy. The subject matter is absolutely silly.
Yet drummer Roger Taylor was able to churn out a hard-rocking tune about a guy fretting over his precious sports car. I mean, considering the fact that he was able to accomplish this fact, makes me believe that without Queen, Taylor probably had a good chance of creating a solid rock career of his own.

As the B-side single to "The Bohemian Rhapsody," its one of the very few Queen catalogue songs to NOT have Mercury as the lead singer. Bravo to Taylor's vocals.
This song has subsequently been adopted by car afficiondos and NASCAR fans. I'm in Love with My Car

(13) Hammer to Fall (THE WORKS)
Fans seem to debate the lyrics' meaning. Is it an allegory to the imminent nuclear holocaust back in the 1980s, or simply the inevitable hammer of death coming down on mortality? You decide.
Hammer to Fall

(12) Radio GaGa (THE WORKS)

Queen's last Top 40 single chart entry in America in Mercury's lifetime, its a techno-pop-inspired song yearning in nostalgia of the entertainment broadcasted by radio before the arrival of television.
Check out this video of Queen's rendition at Live Aid in 1985. Just look at how Mercury, easily in his best concert performance, has the 75,000+ something fans at Wembley Stadium eating out of his hand. Queen was in a career slump until their resurgence after stealing the show at the bi-continental benefit concert show. Unless somebody is willing to challenge the claim, I tend to agree that this was the greatest live rock gig of all time. Radio GaGa

(11) You're My Best Friend (A NIGHT AT THE OPERA)

Bassist John Deacon wrote this Wurlitzer-produced Top 20 hit single for his wife. Used humorously as the final credits song for the 2004 UK zombie comedy SHAUN OF THE DEAD. You're My Best Friend [url=http://(10) Sheer Heart Attack (SHEER HEART ATTACK)

Fast-paced, schezephrenic song that's always a favorite with fans. SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER HEART ATTACK! [url=] Sheer Heart Attack]

(10) Sheer Heart Attack (SHEER HEART ATTACK)

Fast-paced, schezephrenic song that's always a favorite with fans. SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER HEART ATTACK! [url=]Sheer Heart Attack

(9) Save Me (THE GAME)

Queen produced dozens of love ballads. "Somebody to Love," "It's Late," you name it. Yet the one that squeaks into the list is one that isn't just underrated, it wasn't even released as a single in America. Brian May's knack for melody combined with Mercury's talent for going over the top produce quite a song that deserves more attention. Save Me

(8) Under Pressure (HOT SPACE)

Long story short, after Queen scored unprecedented multi-chart success with "Another One Bites the Dust," the band figured that if they continued that route of R&B and disco-influenced music, they would reach a wider demographic, and thus more money to waste on drugs and whores.

Instead, "Hot Space" became a financial dud of an embarrasing disowned album that basically guaranteed that Queen would never play live again in America with the original line-up. The album as a whole sucks, save for this #1 UK single-hit collaboration between Queen and the great David "The Sovereign" Bowie*. Its bassline was later stolen by caucasian rapper disgrace Vanilla Ice. Under Pressure [url=http://*At least according to the best animated series on TV, Adult Swim's own THE VENTURE BROS!

(7) Keep Yourself Alive (KEEP YOURSELF ALIVE)

The title song of Queen's debut album, its incredibly underrated among Queen's hard rockin tunes. While the single itself failed to chart, it did help establish the longevity of Queen's significant fanbase in Japan. [url=] Keep Yourself Alive]
*At least according to the best animated series on TV, Adult Swim's own THE VENTURE BROS!

(7) Keep Yourself Alive (KEEP YOURSELF ALIVE)

The title song of Queen's debut album, its incredibly underrated among Queen's hard rockin tunes. While the single itself failed to chart, it did help establish the longevity of Queen's significant fanbase in Japan. [url=]Keep Yourself Alive

(6) Crazy Little Thing Called Love (THE GAME)

Queen's first #1 single (with a reign lasting 4 weeks) is a very playful homage to 1950s rockabilly. In the wake of The King's death in 1977, Mercury exerts extraordinary effort to duplicate Elvis Presley's deep moodful but swinful vocals. If rumors are to be believed, this song was a major inspiration for John Lennon's return to music just prior to his death. Crazy Little Thing Called Love

(5) We are the Champions (NEWS OF THE WORLD)

Robert Wuhl was right. Why do gay battle cries become accepted as institutional sporting victory songs? Well, compared to "We Will Rock You," this song is both substantial, and can't quickly get sick of its simplicity. Besides, SOUTH PARK used it in their last season finale. Its got street cred.  Yet another American/British Top 5 single hit for Queen. We are the Champions

(4) Killer Queen (SHEER HEART ATTACK)

My God, I love this song. Perhaps deserving to be one of the fun anthemn tunes of the Glam Rock sub-genre of the early to mid-1970s, its also XDCX's favorite Queen song. A cover version was featured on the soundtrack of the incredibly popular as hell video game GUITAR HERO. Would anyone be surprised if I told you that I didn't know the lyrics were about a high-class whore? Would you be surprised if I wasn't refering to Mercury? Crowned the UK charts at #2, and #12 in US charts Killer Queen

(3) Who Wants to Live Forever (A KIND OF MAGIC)

Film itself can be very powerful to the senses with the right script, cinematography, editing, and direction. Yet with the right music, it can transform that imagery into something more.

Commissioned by director Russell Mulcahy to compose the soundtrack for his cult classic HIGHLANDER, Queen delivered a wide range of music that would resurface in their album A KIND OF MAGIC. However, I doubt anyone would disagree in that the soundtrack's highlight is their power ballad that in a key sequence of the movie, turns a sword-fighting action movie into a moving, emotional requiem on immortality. Check out Brian May's somber guitar solo.

For many years an under-appreciated guitar legend (with his equally famed "Red Special" guitar) due to being a background prop for Mercury, May at least has finally been getting his due respect in the last few years.
Who Wants to Live Forever

(2) Another One Bites the Dust (THE GAME)

At 7 million units sold, its Queen's best-sellling single of all time. At its height, it was #1 on the Billboard Top 100, #2 on the R&B Charts, and a high chart entry within the Disco Top 100. What's more remarkable is that no synthesizers were used for its classic beat and effects. Interestingly, it was Michael Jackson that recommended that this song be released as a single. You have to remember, Mercury was friends with Jackson in the early 1980s before it was broken off, reportedly because Mercury thought Whacko Jacko was becoming "too creepy." If only Freddie had warned us. Another One Bites the Dust

While you're at it, check out the apparent words formed when the song is played in reverse. It's Fun to Smoke Marijuana

(1) The Bohemian Rhapsody (A NIGHT AT THE OPERA)

Why is this Queen's supreme triumph? It contains a kick-ass guitar riff. You get several sections of contrasting moods of music, including heavy metal arrangements. The lyrics are addictive. Its "rock opera" done right, screw Andrew Lloyd Webber and his waste of garbage music. According to polls, Guinness Book of World Records, and surveys, its arguably the world's most popular rock song. I'm not surprised at all.

It would make a legendary return to #2 on the American charts when it was featured in a memorable sequence of WAYNE'S WORLD.

It also was the basis for a very iconic and revolutionary music video that would later be spoofed in a Super Bowl ad for Mountain Dew. The Bohemian Rhapsody


Well, debate, arguments, and thoughts would be greatly appreciated. I'm sure some of you noticed that I didn't include "We Will Rock You" on my SetList for Queen. Its overplayed, overabused, and covered by every other music group to the point that it doesn't work at all for me. Oh vey wonder what it was like when it was first released....
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Re: SETLIST - The Best songs of QUEEN

Postby Lion » Fri Mar 02, 2007 11:33 pm

Huh, ok.....I see you took the time to provide all that info.  I like Queen, not all their songs but yeah they were ok.
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Re: SETLIST - The Best songs of QUEEN

Postby coney77 » Fri Mar 09, 2007 3:21 pm

Hey, That was a great description of there songs. They are a great band.
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Re: SETLIST - The Best songs of QUEEN

Postby the wigan warrior » Sat Mar 10, 2007 12:12 pm

They are a good band, most of their songs sound the same in my opinion though.
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Re: SETLIST - The Best songs of QUEEN

Postby RRA » Tue Mar 13, 2007 4:31 am

I'm just surprised that no one replied to my setlist of THE CLASH, which I posted since I know many Clashheads reside on these boards.

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Re: SETLIST - The Best songs of QUEEN

Postby Tantive7 » Wed Oct 10, 2007 12:40 pm

[glow=red,2,300]RRA..CAN YOU SEE THIS??[/glow]

Good!!!  :mrgreen:

You call yourself a Queen FAN..
You talk about the Skills of Bassist John Deacon,
Drummer Roger Taylor, And The Brilliant Guitarist and song-writer Brian May
And of course Freddie Mercury..and how much you are a fan
And you are right,a debate will begin,between YOU and ME!!!

[glow=red,2,300]I WANT IT ALL!!![/glow]

And Let not forget the Superior Set,that they Performed at LIVE AID!!!!;  <---- NUFF SAID!!!!

There are people here in The Forum,who may not know
about Their music,and I at least want to give them
a chance to Discover brilliance..
And To all,who are new to Queen..
Welcome to your Introduction..  8)
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