New York Warriors PC Game??

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Nite Run
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New York Warriors PC Game??

Post by Nite Run »

Hi, I found this link and was wondering if this is an old game?



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Re: New York Warriors PC Game??

Post by War-Lord »

From the cover it looks around the Nintendo age. I have never heard of it but great find. I like the rip off of The Furies and the movie its self.
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Re: New York Warriors PC Game??

Post by bassman »

if you look on the back cover from the link, it says it set in the year 2014 and it was for the Amiga, Amstrad and spectrum. good find nite run

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Ninth Delegate
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Re: New York Warriors PC Game??

Post by Ninth Delegate »

Some screenshots are here in this thread.  Remember when graphics such as this was considered cutting edge?
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Re: New York Warriors PC Game??

Post by nightarmyWARRIOR »

Here are all informations for the game:

From the screenshots I could say that there are a lot of gangs, but there is no fist-to-fist fighting, genre is shoot'em up, so weapons are used.

When I saw a Furie on the cover I was trying to find one on the pictures, so actually there exist a gang dressed like Furies - and they're called The Sluggers.

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