which warrior?

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which warrior?

Post by mralex »

can you pick which warrior you wanna play as in the entire game? or can you switch when ever you want?

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which warrior?

Post by Kiro »

You can't choose which Warrior to play. The game will choose one for you, but you will get to play them all evenly.

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which warrior?

Post by Putrid Moldyman »

It seems as though the game chooses for you who you'll play as with each mission, but it seems as though there are some pretty strong indications floating around out there that there will be a skirmish mode of sorts, where you can pit the different gangs against each other, so hopefully you'll be able to choose your preferred Warrior there.

On a personal note, I'm most curious to see how The Fox is going to turn out in the game. Seeing as Rockstar Toronto is apparently about as fanatical as we are about this movie, I wonder if they're aware of the original script and Fox's originally having a much larger role in things. I hope maybe they'll do his character more justice than the movie did -- although I've barely seen him in any screenshots other than him fighting The Savage Huns in a white T-shirt.

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Re: which warrior?

Post by true-warrior »

the game chosses for you

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Re: which warrior?

Post by stevo2k6 »

true-warrior wrote: the game chosses for you
this was established over 2 years ago tht the game chooses for you lol look at the post before its 2005

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Re: which warrior?

Post by Baby Bear »

Well we know you can't choose your favorite warrior in the game but if I could play my favorite warrior it would be Snow.

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Re: which warrior?

Post by horrorsmetalwarrior »

The Game Will Choose For You But You Will Get To Play With Each Of The Warriors Throughout The Game.

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Re: which warrior?

Post by moonrunner27 »

yes they each have there own levels
maybe we'll get to waste a few heads along the way...

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