Discuss the various video games based on the movie.
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Post by Sharilyn »

Wath is your cool name on
your Rumbel gang? :)
Wattha kind of Chikenchitcrap is this?

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Post by derbywarrior »

the derby dynamites!
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Post by Gangsters_Blood »

I made:

Stripes: 1 JSB, 1 VC Ranger and a couple other guys with striped shirts.

Bouncers: I got the 1st bartender as the leader, 3 of the bartenders with the black clothes on, and all the bouncers with the black clothes on.

Dealers: Flash, Spray and Knife dealers.
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Post by Ajaxxx »


Consist of cops and security guards :badgrin:
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Post by NAZZ »

mines called wizecrackz
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Post by hardy17 »

Mine are called The Double Js

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Post by Grymms »

I have named it Blue.J.A you know Shar!

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I am thinking of starting a gang and calling it...

Post by raszack »

The UnderTakers. But i do not want my family to get hurt so i am going to lay low with my guys for a while and just claim our turf.

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Post by BullDog »

The BullDogs No one messes around with em :D i wish they would allow internet play so people could have gang fights and you could plug in like 6 guys for each gang, it would be so fun!
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Post by FcFAjax »

mine are the zig zag boys. its a real gang from way back when that my grandpa and great uncles made when they first came to canada. hah gotta rep the family history

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Post by TheDarkKnight666 »

mine are the punishers, and online play would rule! custom gang against custom gang

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Post by PadLock »

T.R. ( The Rejected)

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Post by Alex »

Mine was TerrorSquad.

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Re: Gangs!

Post by zero2051 »

I got the Blades simple yet cool
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Re: Gangs!

Post by Chas »

Mine are called the Dominators,
      Chas  :evil:

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