Warriors V.S. Furies

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Warriors V.S. Furies

Post by Ajax99 »

Who do you think would win? Warriors Or Furies! YOUR CHOICE!

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Re: Warriors V.S. Furies

Post by MiddleMan07 »

Ugh, whats with all these topics? Well have you seen the movie, obviously the Warriors :roll:

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Re: Warriors V.S. Furies

Post by the_gentoo »

It was the Warriors, but if the Furies won, it would have been rubbish. Normally, the Furies would smack the living daylights out of the Warriors.


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Re: Warriors V.S. Furies

Post by Johan »

Think before you make a topic. This is a bad one

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Re: Warriors V.S. Furies

Post by Zen444 »

In terms of the game.

The furies are wimps. The Blackout scene was alone to warrant them wimps. (30 or so furies VS Ash,Vermin, and Snow.)

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Re: Warriors V.S. Furies

Post by Cowboy JSBS »

Yes but you only won because you were playing if it was computer vs computer furies would of won on Ash Vermin and Snow.

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Re: Warriors V.S. Furies

Post by keller »

because there wear alot more Furies then Warriors
and the Furies had superior weapons against three guys
that's not a fight it's a massacre
they have numbers but we have the advantage in creepy

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Re: Warriors V.S. Furies

Post by homie »

the furies would of won: bar none

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