Top 5 Gangs in Game

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Top 5 Gangs in Game

Post by andy_man »

I know this has been posted before but when i search the forum its all like a year old but here it is.  Your top 5 gangs, my top 5 are
1. The Warriors
2. The Satans Mothers
3. The Punks
4. Electric Eliminator
5. Baseball Furies

Gimme your 5 thanks

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Re: Top 5 Gangs in Game

Post by CleonWarlord »

1:The Warriors
2:Baseball Furies
3:Satans Mothers

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Re: Top 5 Gangs in Game

Post by Heavy_Rep2 »

1The Furies
2Satans Mothers
3 eletric elimanators
4turnbull acs
5the punks

ajax snow
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Re: Top 5 Gangs in Game

Post by ajax snow »

1. warriors

2. baseball furis

3. satans mothers

4.turnbull acs


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Re: Top 5 Gangs in Game

Post by Journey »

1. Warriors
2. Rogues (just cos of luther)
3. Saracens
4. Baseball Furies
5. Jones Street Boys

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Re: Top 5 Gangs in Game

Post by THC »

1. Warriors
2. Turnbull AC's
3. Baseball furies
4. Rogues
5. Orphans(It seems like an odd choice, but considering this is regarding the game, they deserve a spot purely for the joy I have in stomping the shit out of them.)
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Re: Top 5 Gangs in Game

Post by Johan »

1. The Warriors
2. The Baseball furies
3. The Boppers [glow=purple,2,300][Big Moe][/glow]
4. The JSB's
5. The Moonrunners
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Re: Top 5 Gangs in Game

Post by oscar »

1.The Warriors
2.Electric Eliminators
3.Jones Street Boys
5.BaseBall Furies

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Re: Top 5 Gangs in Game

Post by turnbull_badger »

1. turnbull AC's
2. the warriors
3. the saracens
4. the furies
5. satans mothers

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Re: Top 5 Gangs in Game

Post by Warlord105 »

My top five are

1. Warriors
2. Turnbull A.C.'s
3. Hurricanes
4. Baseball Furies
5. Electric Eliminators

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Re: Top 5 Gangs in Game

Post by Izlude7980 »

1.The Furies

2.The Warriors

3.The Moonrunners

4.The Saracens

5.The Punks
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Re: Top 5 Gangs in Game

Post by Bopper69 »

1. The Boppers

2. The Warriors

3. The Baseball Furies

4.  The Saracens

5. The Gramercy Riffs
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Re: Top 5 Gangs in Game

Post by b-furie »

1. The Warriors
2. Electric Eliminators
3. Baseball Furies
4. Hi Hats
5. Turn Ball AC'S

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Ajax jr
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Re: Top 5 Gangs in Game

Post by Ajax jr »

1. Warriors

2. Furries

3. Gramercy Riffs

4. Boopers( They're flashy!)

5. Panzers ( I don't think anyone said them yet)
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Re: Top 5 Gangs in Game

Post by makiveli »

1:the warriors



4:panzers(they got the same colours as my real gang)

5:turnbull ac's(after birdie dies)

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