Punks vs Saracens

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Who wins?

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the saracens
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Re: Punks vs Saracens

Post by the saracens »

I Thin The Saracens Are A Heavy Set.
Even Though the Punks Are To Im Not really A Fan Of Them
So Id Like To Think That Edge Would Give Them A Bopping.
............. can you dig it .... suckers ............

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Re: Punks vs Saracens

Post by Fang »

Swan Owns All wrote: Punks>Saracens
Agree  :p

The Jewish Juggernaut
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Re: Punks vs Saracens

Post by The Jewish Juggernaut »

Punks defiently. My reasoning, the saracens couldn't even take care of the Jones Street Boys by themselves. I like the saracens better, but i gotta go with the punks.

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Re: Punks vs Saracens

Post by THE_FURIES »

i would have to say the Saracens would win.  ;)
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The Swan
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Re: Punks vs Saracens

Post by The Swan »

Baby Bear wrote: I played punks and saracens and the punks won losing two guys..
Well, I played the same... but the Saracens won... anyway if the player (I mean me, or you, or anyone else is a good one... well he will win, playing every gang).
Talking also about the movie, not only the game, all of us cannot know is the Saracens were better than the Punks or viceversa... I mean we can know, only the Punks "strength"!!!
Even if I think The Saracens are a very tough gang!!!

Because of this my vote is Saracens!!! 8)
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Re: Punks vs Saracens

Post by horrorsmetalwarrior »

The Saracens

Also In Rumble Mode I Did Arming & Were You Throw Them Off The Roof & Saracens Won Both Times.

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Re: Punks vs Saracens

Post by !Furies!Punks! »

Punks of course, look how aggressive they were with the Warriors. The Warriors were meant to be the man gang in the film and win every fight, but look. They gave Swan a bad bruise on his cheek. Lol.

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