Dell - 1979 U.S.A Softback

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The Fox
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Dell - 1979 U.S.A Softback

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This is the first copy released after the film and features pictures of The Warriors on the front and back.

Strange how they have removed the image from the back of there vests. Probably to do with the Hells Angel court battle going on.

It was published in March 1979 in America by Dell and cost $1.25.

It feature an advert for The Outsiders in the back pages.



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Re: Dell - 1979 U.S.A Softback

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No picture on there back of there vest???? Werid

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Re: Dell - 1979 U.S.A Softback

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Your copy looks awsome.
Warriors, come out to playeeee...

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Re: Dell - 1979 U.S.A Softback

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"They would rape and kill. But above all, they would stick together."

Awww, doesn't it melt your heart...?

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