my own comic book ideas*PLEASE HELP*

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my own comic book ideas*PLEASE HELP*

Postby papa arnold » Wed Aug 08, 2007 7:04 am

well i have been thinking lately and id love to create my own super-hero comic book series..but the only thing i cant think of is the super hero can guys give some some help heres a template

LOCATION(what city it takes place):
MAIN RIVALS(made up)
ALLIES(if any):

please help(copy and paste the template or right it down yourself i dont mind you can also addd some more stuff in like where was he born nd where he lives)
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Re: my own comic book ideas*PLEASE HELP*

Postby New Jersey Warrior » Thu Aug 09, 2007 10:14 pm

real name: christopher ernst

superhero name: crimson crusader

proffession: is the owner of a succesful brewing factory :lol: :lol:

location: crimson city

super powers: can fly, his left arm is an m16 and it can be changed with a bazooka or a special gun that

shoots molotov cocktails, heat vision, and invisibility

main rivals: the killer kactus (ya he's a talkin cactus, and he can shot his needeles that are poison tipped), the the wolman hes a dude that's has werewolves attributes and powers but he doesn't have a the=irst for human flesh except for the crimson crusader,metal man hes made of solid steel and can morph into an object thats made of steel.

allies: a scientist that makes the weapons for him

sorry dude,best i could do. :doubt: :doubt: :doubt: :?
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Re: my own comic book ideas*PLEASE HELP*

Postby Rocko » Sun Dec 13, 2009 4:07 am

REAL NAME: Kurt Waltenburg
SUPER HERO NAME: The Revolver or the Good
PROFESSION(JOB): Real job; Selling his dogs puppies on the side of the road.
LOCATION(what city it takes place):A city called Big City, a city that has everything and i mean everything
SUPER POWER(s):The ability to shoot with great aim and he can use the ability of wonderful spoon bending
MAIN RIVALS(made up) The Tumble Weed or the Bad
ALLIES(if any): The Ugly (the Ugly gets murdered)

  Kurt has a major drinking problem thats he's trying to fix but he isnt able to fix it because of all the stress
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