Favourite Warrior

This is the definitive list of Warriors Polls.

Who is your favourite warrior?

The Fox
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Re: Favourite Warrior

Post by The Swan »

trixter468 wrote:
Baby Bear wrote: .....he doesn't run off at the mouth.

But that's what the badasses have to do!!  :lol:

Anyways Ajax for me. My kind of badass.  :) AND YES! HE'S WINNING IN THE POLL! He deserves it!
Well, welcome back trixter, as you know mine is Swan... The Best... anyway you know what about the poll?
I'll create at least 20 new profiles, to the only one purpose to vote here 4 Swan... :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:...

... YEAAAAAAAAAAH, just kidding just kidding, hey 4 real Just Kidding!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
See ya!!! 8)
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Re: Favourite Warrior

Post by Lynx »

Ajax is my favorite cause he's a badass like me!
Rembrandt is msecond favorite!

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Re: Favourite Warrior

Post by Riff »

Think my favourite Warrior is Cleon, he looked the part and knew how to fight, was gutted that he got killed off so quick he would have been great in the later fights. Saying that the whole dynamics of the story would have changed, Swan wouldn'y have led and maybe he would have a tighter rain on Ajax.

My other favourite's are Swan, Ajax, Cochise and Snowball, nothing between these guys.
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Re: Favourite Warrior

Post by cleonwarriors777 »

ajax :evil:
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Re: Favourite Warrior

Post by Gezza »

I think in the movie Ajax was made to be as the 'FAVOURITE' type of character and my decision is still the same as from 2007 or whatever, AJAX ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!
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Re: Favourite Warrior

Post by WarriorDan »

Vermin is my favourite, 'hurt me, hurt me' and 'were gonna japped!'. I think he is real funny with the lizzies, then my second favourite would have to be Ajax.

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Re: Favourite Warrior

Post by RedLipsMarie »


Of COURSE Ajax wins this poll, lol.

My personal favorite, no contest: Snow. Even-tempered, wise, a heavily skilled fighter... and that's all the positives BESIDES the fact that he's unbelievably HOT. :oops: :oops: :oops:

Cochise comes in a very close second as my favorite! <3

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Re: Favourite Warrior

Post by union_jack »

right i honestly cant pick one here so heres a few thoughts

rembrandt - was my favourite when i first watched, i just love marcelino and i like the dynamic he brings hes like the new guy and the odd one out but still at the core and hes a tagger so thats cool =]
he also has the best name by far IMO.

fox i like cus he's most like me and i think TGW is a great actor - also check The Thing (1982)

snow is a recent fav i love how hes so enigmatic and stoic and he does have an incredible face   :shock: true warrior  :D

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Re: Favourite Warrior

Post by Dud »

Vermin's my favourite, just because he's the guy I can relate to the most. Maybe not the best fighter, but always gives his all and is a loyal friend. I also like making wise-cracks like he does, and don't like waiting for trains.  8)

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Re: Favourite Warrior

Post by Ajax*1979 »

Ajax is my favorite he is such a cool guy, and also the best fighter he will never back down from a fight especially against the furies when he smashed like half of there whole gang on his own. And even in the turnbulls scene you could see that ajax wanted to fight them aswell so he is not scared of anyone i dont think, the only downside of him is he needs to be smarter and not try and get it on with some chick in the park lol.

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Re: Favourite Warrior

Post by KingOfConey »

definintly vermin yet ajax is a close second
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Re: Favourite Warrior

Post by mehedicba »

i vote for cowboy

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