Favourite Warrior

This is the definitive list of Warriors Polls.

Who is your favourite warrior?

The Fox
Total votes: 148

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Re: Favourite Warrior

Post by Chas »

[glow=red,2,300]snow[/glow] has my vote he knows how to fight doesn;t want to fight for the fun of it and he is loyal to all of the Warriors

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Re: Favourite Warrior

Post by Honey Lips Soldier »

Yeah, Snow is totally cool. Rembrandt for me though, gotta love that little dude.
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Re: Favourite Warrior

Post by SnowGlycerine »

Snow, without question.  First of all, the man is HAWT to me.  Second of all, he's a fantastic bopper.  Third of all... well... he made close-fitting pants on men a very happy thing for me.  :badgrin: :twisted:  I can totally relate to being the big, tall, quiet one; the person who never loses their cool.  Nice strut, too.

Besides, anybody who can rock an afro like that gets major cool points.  You don't see that hair style everyday...

Close seconds are Ajax and Cochise.  Muscle and Attitude.  Cochise has the meanest swagger I've ever seen!
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Re: Favourite Warrior

Post by Snowball »

Whoa looked at poll lota ajax fans but rembrandts my choice we kinda got same personality and ya gota dig his tagging skillz 2nd for me is snow pretty kewl bopper he is :D

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Re: Favourite Warrior

Post by *theelectriceliminatorsit »

my favorite is the fox

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Re: Favourite Warrior

Post by yids-warrior »

swan for me he,s just the got this calmness about him,he just throws you a look that says he can bring it to ya front door bigtime! 8)
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papa arnold
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Re: Favourite Warrior

Post by papa arnold »

heres my top five

1)cochise:cochise is a great fighter he has great style and attitude

2)cowboy:cowboy i think brings peece to the group he's not the strongest of fighters but showed us some great moves during the punks scene

3)ajax:we as all of you have guess ajax is the main muscle of the group he shows off some great moves against the furies

4)snow:snow is very self disciplined he is a great fighter and never looses his cool

5)rembrandtthe baby of the group evne though he dosnt fight you still have to love him

theres my top five
[url=http://imageshack.us][img]http://img223.imageshack.us/img223/6373/20255849yq4.jpg[/img][/url]AND THATS THE BOTTOM LINE BECAUSE PAPA ARNOLD SAYS SO!!!!!

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Re: Favourite Warrior

Post by ajax the warrior »

Ajax 4 me he is my favorite warrior because he is such a good fighter and is so cocky and just wants to fight everyone that is why he is my favorite warrior.
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Re: Favourite Warrior

Post by the boat »

Swan is my favourite; Cochise and Snow really good fighters and disciplinate warriors.........if I were a sergeant or a military officier I certainly wish to have in my group somebody like them; Ajax is crazy.....but he is the man who can risolve a desperate situation, with his brave, foolishness and muscles;
Fox, at last, precious because his job in intelligence field was great.........
But Swan is Swan........

N.B. Sorry for my english language, but I'm not american, I'm italian......bye!

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Re: Favourite Warrior

Post by Vermin Is Cool »

Look at my name and you'll know who.  ;)

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The Swan
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Re: Favourite Warrior

Post by The Swan »

The man is Swan 4 me, born to be leader, few words.... but what a mind!!! 8)
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Re: Favourite Warrior

Post by Gezza »

hmmm.........well this is hard because my favourite character in the whole movie happens to be Ajax but now when you say favourite warrior i get in a bit of a pickle!
What the heck!.......Ajax by far!
Like Ajax the Warrior said-  Hes Cocky But still a good fighter, and if you haver a look at the poll, you will notice that alot of other people agree too! :D
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Re: Favourite Warrior

Post by THE_FURIES »

my fav warrior is ajax cuz he looks like and acts like me. :lol:
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Baby Bear
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Re: Favourite Warrior

Post by Baby Bear »

My favorite goes to Snow. I resemble him and I act like him. He's a great fighter and he doesn't run off at the mouth.

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Re: Favourite Warrior

Post by trixter468 »

Baby Bear wrote: .....he doesn't run off at the mouth.

But that's what the badasses have to do!!  :lol:

Anyways Ajax for me. My kind of badass.  :) AND YES! HE'S WINNING IN THE POLL! He deserves it!

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