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Who's tougher?

Poll runs till Fri Nov 21, 2042 1:15 am

Total votes: 38

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Re: Tougher

Post by !Furies!Punks! »

Well, Vance didn't know Rembrandt had spray paint with him. (And he was on skates) So Vance tried to stop most of it from going into his eyes. While Rembrandt got a cheap shot to the face while he couldn't see clear. On skates and loose, making him fall.

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Re: Tougher

Post by KingOfConey »

he alot wimpeir in the movie than any other warrior but id say rembrandt would be tougher
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Re: Tougher

Post by Gramercy Riffs Yeh Right »

the question should have been "whom out of mercy or rembrandt would enjoy getting a train pulled on them more"

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