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I walked across my city (18 miles) in homage to The Warriors

Posted: Thu Dec 12, 2019 3:09 pm
by warriorswannabe
In November 2019 I walked across my own city - Birmingham in England (I chose the longest way across - around 18 miles) in homage to The Warriors movie 40th anniversary.

Started at the Four Oaks end on the Staffordshire border by the TV transmitter - via Mere Green, Sutton Coldfield town centre, Wylde Green, Erdington, Aston, Birmingham city centre, Lee Bank, Edgbaston, Selly Oak, Bournville, Northfield, Longbridge, Rednal, and finally to Cofton Hackett on the Worcestershire border (crossing the city via that route also crosses the West Midlands county from end to end too - the Cross City railway line more or less follows the same route).

See 3 pics (they might come out in reverse order). Notice I wore a Warriors jacket - a female friend agreed to be Mercy and accompany me - she even looks like a bit like Mercy! Yes?

Not apparent from the pictures but it becomes totally rural fields at both ends just beyond those 2 borders.

I attempted to mimic Nikola Tesla's famous "wireless electricity" experiment by placing a light-bulb in the ground yards from the TV transmitter - but it failed to illuminate! An electrical engineer might know exactly why not but it seems that modern transmitters aim most of their energy at the horizon not ground level.

You can follow the same route online in a far less exhausting but picturesque way via Google Street View - the A5127 road from the junction with the A4026 into Birmingham city centre - on to the A38 and then the B4120 and the border is mere yards before the B4096 junction (Rednal island) by the Lickey Hills - the idea was to make it to that island but `Mercy' was utterly spent at the border point itself - but managed a big smile for the camera.

Anyone else inspired to do the same in their city and post it on here? Sorry I haven't left you much time in 2019 for the 40th anniversary.

(Fox News viewers - rather than being "all Moslem" as the channel infamously claimed - Moslems in Birmingham tend to be situated like the Trebles area on a dart-board. Passing straight through the city from one end to the other in whatever direction makes that apparent - these days as 2 non White people in the city we weren't hassled by anyone on the way but it was mainly White people who we passed on the journey. It is just that prominent areas visited by outsiders like the 2 soccer stadiums and Spaghetti Junction lie within that Inner City "ring" and so they tend to leave with that wrong impression about the city. Given the currency exchange, Four Oaks and Edgbaston home prices at their higher end in Pounds rival those at the lower end in Beverley Hills and Park Avenue in Dollars - Google and see how they match. I think I saw only 1 other non White person in Four Oaks when walking through there - and he was a taxi driver picking someone up!)

Fox News in Ofcom (TV regulator) breach for Birmingham 'Muslim only' claim - ... m-34317107

Re: I walked across my city (18 miles) in homage to The Warr

Posted: Sun Dec 15, 2019 7:33 am
by Ninth Delegate
I stayed in the city for a week to go to the UK conclave. Another reason I was disappointed the 40th conclave didnt happen, is that I was looking forward to revisiting Birmingham. I was smack between china town and the bullring. It gets lively at night there. My friend was staying up at the 5 ways roundabout on Hagley road. Just before she arrived, they arrested a terrorist cell on that road. Some of the locals said it was a no go area at night, but I walked it on my own at midnight, through both the 5 ways and china town roundabout underpasses. Never got any hassle. Plenty of rats and rough sleepers about. The cast stayed at the 5 ways at park regis hotel.

Re: I walked across my city (18 miles) in homage to The Warr

Posted: Fri Dec 20, 2019 4:06 pm
by warriorswannabe
we walked past the edgbaston cricket ground (within 100yds or so) - I did mean to mention that in the original post re the warriors conclave there.

the "terrorist cell" was the one bloke who lodged on the hagley road? (the westminster bridge attacker during the 2017 election?) I think so.