my coney vest

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mr green
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my coney vest

Post by mr green »

Got my coney vest a few weeks ago first chance to put some pic`s up`this vest  is amazing fits like a glove the detail is stunning.
Personally the only warriors vest to buy but that`s just me`pictures don`t lie see for yourself. 8)

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Re: my coney vest

Post by charlloots »

mr green,
im glad to see your happy with your vest
and the way it fits.
thank you for your patience.
hope to be sending you your new warriors
top rocker this week,as promised.

all the best
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Re: my coney vest

Post by SixteenM16s »

amazing vest i must say  :D

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Re: my coney vest

Post by LYCAN »

i remeber when i got  my warriors vest i weared it every where it was really kool  8)
"When I got off that subway and I saw you, I thought, oh baby throw it my way!".

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Re: my coney vest

Post by greeny400 »

I wish i had a Warriors vest  :(

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