The Which gang is the scaryiest

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Which gang is strongest

The Punks
The Base Ball Furies
Turnbull AC's
The Orphans
Hi Hats
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Re: The Which gang is the scaryiest

Post by War-Lord »

The furies while amazing and scary at first proved to not be to tough. The turnbulls we never seen them fight but I think it would have been pretty ugly if we did. It might have been the end of The Warriors as we know it. :shock:
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Re: The Which gang is the scaryiest

Post by Ninth Delegate »

Has to be the turnbulls.  The other gangs semed to be a random youths joined together by common turf and interests.  The turnbulls had a minimum of 6 foot height for membership.  Only the biggest bad asses were allowed to join (well thats what the script implies).
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Re: The Which gang is the scaryiest

Post by BrotherHintonD »

Strongest: The Riffs or the Furies most likely.

Scariest: Hi-Hats to me. O_O As Vermin said "I hate mimes man! Their f*ckin' freaky...." lol.
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Re: The Which gang is the scaryiest

Post by Lux »

The Turnbull A.C´s . Be chased by anger skinheads is the worst nightmare ever!

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