way to go.

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way to go.

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i have been a fan of this movie since i can remember. i was 11 when it came out and own at least 3 copies at all time just in case something happens to one.like my vhs tapes used to be played out within a month.lol i watch it at least 3 x a month.i was truly amazed to find this site.stumbled upon it looking to but a vest.i even post my favorite quote which is from the movie.. no reason i just like doing things like that.lol i even play a mafia game were my turf is the warriors.so i would like to thank who ever came up with this forum and i am glad to know there are others who love this movie as much as i do.

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Re: way to go.

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Welcome on board WTG.

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Re: way to go.

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Welcome man, it is an awesome site. I found it under similar circumstances. Best of luck with your posts in future.

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