A young Blood

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A young Blood

Post by hinton545 »

hey guys, i already made my first post in another thread, :P

anyways, I am from Calgary Alberta Canada. Its a lame place. one day im planning on moving to new york city to become a criminal lawyer. haha wish me luck on that.

What brought me to this site? well, i was googling the warriors on, well, google and found this site. 8)

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Baby Bear
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Re: A young Blood

Post by Baby Bear »

Well enjoy your stay. And beware Im part of the PUNKS!!!!!

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Swan 1979
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Re: A young Blood

Post by Swan 1979 »

Welcome to the forum have a nice stay.

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Re: A young Blood

Post by PowerPaulie »

I can't make it!
You sure?
Yeah, I'm sure.
Good... I'm sick of running from these wimps.

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the renegade
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Re: A young Blood

Post by the renegade »

Hi and welcome. Enjoy your stay and good luck with the lawyer buiseness. ;)
It's over!

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Re: A young Blood

Post by adam88 »

welcome to the forum.  Good luck on being a criminal lawyer.  Alberta is not a lame place.  Home is where you make it.  We all have our own path in life.

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Re: A young Blood

Post by CRASH »

good luck on becoming a criminal lawyer, oh yea and have fun on the forum.  :mrgreen:
"We're gonna get japped here, we're gonna get japped!"- Vermin

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