The RPG is coming. Leave your ideas here as to what you would like to see in a forum-based RPG!


Postby Oxygen » Tue May 22, 2007 10:23 pm

He obviosly means that its another site to get ideas to.

If the RPG is going to be a script-coded game try,: http://inthemafia.com/ or That Hobo Wars
If your having a more of a gang type game, try: http://www.gta-ultra.net/?page=news
Then theres strategy tryp rpg's: http://www.siteworx.co.za/werewolf_vampire_werewolves_vampires.html

Either way, I'm a member of all of them :lol:. Although if you want thats more of a gang type RPG try gta-ultra.net . Because I'm good friends with all of the coders on that site. I might be able to get free scripts and templates (which can range from $2-$20 each)
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Postby Gezza » Wed Aug 15, 2007 9:48 am

Well The Games Up So Why Aint Everyone playing It????
Unless They'res Gona be a more advanced version coming out soon but i do realise that may take a few years to hire people, get all the graphics done ect.....  :mrgreen:
By The Way, If U Want to play the game its only writting written and Kartoon has posted a topic about how to use it  8)
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